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Geodesic Dome Tent for Glamping & Events

Luxury Glamping Solutions

Make Space Valuable

glamping dome

Make Space Awesome

As you dig into the art of making a customized space, we grasp the nature of your needs and translate them into well-conceived interiors.

With the guidance of our team of space planning experts, these spaces can be tailored to your specific purpose. We offer a holistic approach to space design that fits perfectly with your intended use. Simply share your needs and we have the means to address and solve them.

You can say goodbye to any worries about soft furnishing size harmony.

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Flexibility Interior Modular

Within the dominion of hospitality and tourism, we are acutely cognizant of the obstacles introduced by restroom solutions such as the kitchen and bathroom. All these elements affect the user's living experience for your clients.

Our design reflects the spirit of staying the course, with elements such as water drains, air ventilation & moisture segregation carefully considered in the process of implementation.

In addition, we prioritized practicality and avoided the use of heavy and bulky mechanical equipment. A comprehensive bathroom system and kitchen station solution can be easily installed with just two people working together.

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Two Story Dome Interior Design Example

Introducing the Modular Bathroom Pod—an ingeniously crafted area that seamlessly integrates a shower, a wash basin, and a toilet. Prioritizing your comfort, this space features a generously proportioned mirror and artfully arranged cabinets, with one of them discreetly concealing a flow heater.

Choose Glamping Sizes

6 Meters

Floor space: 28m² / 300sq ft
Diameter: 6m / 20ft
Height: 3.5m / 10ft
Room occupancy: 2 - 4

This geodesic canopy house enchants with an ultimately cozy retreat, its intimate space perfectly tailored for duos or small tribes seeking sanctuary.

This tent enchants with haven tailored to those seeking escape from confinement into landscapes. The entire assembly process could be finished in 24 hours with a crew of 3~5.

White Geodesic Dome Design with Chimney

7 Meters

Floor space: 38m² / 410sq ft
Diameter: 7m / 23ft
Height: 4m / 11ft
Room occupancy: 2 - 4

More abundant camping tent space allows you to switch freely. The 7m glmping home provides an ultimate refuge, an intimate haven gestated of dreams for high-end glamping. A full kitchen and dining for culinary adventures home-cooked or catered. 

Its optimal inner space transforms the familiar into the fantastical, a cozy retreat enabling escape beyond four walls into surroundings unveiled.

Beige Geodesic Dome Design with Chimney

8 Meters

Floor space: 50m² / 540sq ft
Diameter: 8m / 26ft
Height: 4.7m / 13ft
Room occupancy: 2 - 6

The 8m camping house is ideal for campsites catering to weekend stays, graduations, and group getaways. Its spacious interior provides an expansive space for bigger families and friends to come together.

Abundant room within the dome enables various configurations to suit any vision. Design the space as an open great room for communal gatherings, separate it into distinct living and sleeping areas, or outfit an ensuite glamping pod with lavish furnishings for the ultimate getaway.

Green Geodesic Dome Design with Chimney

Elevate Your Own Experience

Explore Our Range of Accessories

Cap Vent for Geodesic Dome
Cap Vent
Triangle Vent for Geodesic Dome
Triangle Vent
Glass Window for Geodesic Dome
Glass Window
Solar Fan for Geodesic Dome
Solar Fan
Panoramic Window for Geodesic Dome
Panoramic Window
Stove Jacket for Geodesic Dome
Stove Jacket
Door Kits for Geodesic Dome
Magnetic Screen Door for Geodesic Dome
Magnetic Screen
Curtain Double Track for Geodesic Dome

Public Space geodome enclosures stand as exquisite architecture that seamlessly amalgamates form and functionality. Among the most ascendancy of Public Space geodome advances is their aptitude for fostering societal engagement. It provides comfort, functionality, and visual appeal, making ordinary events with creative and memorable features.

Devised to accommodate every space, ambiance encourages convergence and interaction for your events. Public Space domes are a crowd favorite at every wedding, music festival, celebration, private party, commercial exhibition, and trade show.

Even can be applied as a public shaded area, recreational space in line with campgrounds, or city beautification.

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About Us


Since its inception in early 2015, Shelter Dome has soared as a leading manufacturing company, passionately committed to crafting innovative geodesic tent structures. We don't just provide high-quality outdoor shelter solutions; we offer a transformative experience. Our designs are a harmonious blend of functionality, versatility, and breathtaking aesthetics. Whether you are a founder, a campsite planner, a hotel developer, a glamping advisor, or a glamping house architect, we elevate your vision, turning outdoor spaces into sanctuaries that touch the soul. Here, we don't just build shelters; we build dreams.

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