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10 Reasons To Use Geodesic Dome Cabins For Your Christmas Party


10 Reasons To Use A Geodesic Dome For Your Corporate Christmas Party

Tired of holiday parties no one wants to go to? Here are some reasons why corporate Christmas parties demand a unique and specific geodesic dome. It’s a perfect way to help you have a beautiful, well-liked Christmas extravaganza!

It’s Christmas time in the city… Yes, it is! Though it is hard to believe that a whole year has almost finished and we are ready for a New Year again. It is the time to start planning your year-end bash to celebrate this very special holiday season. If you have held a corporate Christmas party in the past and your employees have come to expect it, we at SHELTER DOME would like you to think outside the walls.

Why not consider a great outdoor company Christmas party in the great outdoors itself? Your amazing holiday party can start with a pop-up geodesic dome. It is the perfect way to create a flexible, bespoke space with style and ambiance for your employees. Here’re the top 10 reasons why choose a geodesic dome structure.

1. Freedom To Choose A Location

Geodesic domes are engineered from PVC polyester fabrics and galvanized steel frames. Lightweight construction materials can be reused and relocated. It means that you can have your corporate Christmas party wherever you want to. You can safely and fast erect a holiday dome tent as a temporary party venue in the backyard, downtown locations, the local park, or a large open area at your office. The structure of temporary geodesic domes can use a variety of foundations. In a word, your choice of party venue no longer limited to the offices or ordinary indoor places.

2. Fast Structural Project On The Market

Don’t think that it takes time to build your own site. On the contrary, with geo domes, there is the advantage of the opportunity to get your operations running far sooner to capitalize on this efficiency. They are designed for fast setup and can be fully operational in less than a week and only a couple of hours in some cases. What’s mean? It’s never too late to organize your temporary party venue.

3. Won’t Let The Cold Put You Off

You might think it’s risky to hold your office Christmas party outdoors during the winter months. In fact, geodesic dome structures are robust in the face of adverse weather and will stay approximately 10 degrees warmer than outside temperatures during the period of chill. You can install a corporate party dome with a stove or heating system so that your employees feel right at home even if it is snowing outside.

4. Provide Maximum Unobstructed Interior Space

With a high ceiling height and unobstructed interior space, portable geodesic domes allow for an open floor space with which you can create your ultimate hotspot and move large equipment and furnishings. You can put a Christmas tree and commercial Christmas decorations inside the temporary dome building to make the dome space a perfect atmosphere for a celebration.

A Geodesic Dome

5. Dome Style Shelter Looks Aesthetic

The unique look of geodesic structures is what makes most of the people fall in love with them at first sight. A dome-shaped structure allows you to decorate in so many ways. For instance, its blank cover gives you a lot of imagination and options. Depending on your Christmas party theme, you can have an opaque cover in the color you want or a transparent membrane. You can also equip the dome with LED lighting strips to be an eye-catching display.

6. Immersive Environment Adds A Festival Touch

You want to have a well-liked Christmas extravaganza. Of course, who doesn’t? You can try to make your employees have a feeling of being completely immersed in the party. Each geodome structure becomes an immersive 360-degree space, thanks to video projection, guaranteeing an exceptional creative presentation of Christmas and therefore the success of your company Christmas party.

7. Erect It Alone Or Create Your Own Town Domes? It’s Up To You

How do you intend to design your corporate Christmas party? Do you plan to stay in a party dome or functional dome groups? In fact, the design of the temporary venue is up to you. If you’re a people intent to have a DJ, stage, and a formal dining area, you might want to consider creating your own town groups. Geodesic domes can be joined together with tunnels to offer different features for each design.

8. Not-to-be-missed Branding Opportunity

Guess what? Whatever type of business you’re in, holding a live event is a great way to get the attention of clients and prospects. This could be a purely social summer barbecue or Christmas party. Then isn’t that in your best interest?

Holding an outdoor Christmas party under a custom-branded dome offers the opportunity for them to experience the look, feel and personality of your brand. As you can brand the dome with vinyl for a splashy design element that incorporates your company logo. Who wouldn’t want their brand subconsciously associated with fun and pleasure? It’s the perfect way to give back as you get.

9. Many Accessories To Theme Your Corporate Christmas Party

If you are going to go all out for your special corporate party, then you should consider adding some accessories that can transform the space as you expected. These accessories include linings, carpets, flooring system, stages for those who want to have a show, band, or presentation, lighting and sound equipment, HVAC units and more.

10. Get A Memorable Party Within Budget

Planning a corporate party can be difficult, especially if you are working with a tight budget. Rather than focusing on finding the perfect local venue for holding parties, rent or buy a geodesic dome. Whether your budget is big or small, you can feature a party dome that makes a big statement. It allows maximum flexibility in size, location, and design and helps you host a productive and memorable corporate party on a budget.

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