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Geodesic Dome Structure from Shelter Dome - Doing More with Less


With its minimalist design and the principle of geometry in construction, geodesic dome structure encloses the largest volume of interior space with the least amount of building materials and cost. Though less materials, the geodesic structure consists of triangles, which are joined together to form a stable dome. Thus the dome shelter can resist snow, high winds and even earthquakes. Said comprehensively, geodesic dome structure can be proven to be the alternative structure in many uses, making building of sheer beauty. It would be the best solution for any type of event with its unprecedented look, lots of fresh air and natural light.

Uses for Geodesic Dome Structure

Geodesic Dome Structures as Cafes and Restaurants. If you have adequate funding to run a restaurant, you may be ready for the sphere tent. It allows you to create the innovative housing as a way to feel connected with nature. A dome restaurant can be outfitted with a transparent PVC membrane front, offering views of the surrounding landscape and plenty of natural light. You can also set up a dome house with no transparent elements, allowing to create a complete darkness inside the dome and for the suspension of lightings. You can even get more dome tents jointed together so that you can get separate areas for a restaurant, bar, and lounge hall.

Geodesic Dome Structure
Geodesic Dome Structure

Dome Buildings as Planetariums and Dome Projections. From professional simulation and training to entertainment and large-scale events, a 360 degree immersive projection dome can create an immersive viewing environment for those events in a fast and easy manner. Dome projection theater from SHELTER DOME has an opaque 3-layered type of fabric to form a screen, creating a perfect ambient to combine illumination and video projections. Therefore, the immersive dome for up to 8,000 people, is great for temporary planetariums, light shows or music festivals.

Garden Igloos as Garden Shelters. Lightweight domes from SHELTER DOME are assembled of steel tube Q235 and covered with a PVC polyester fabric, efficiently building within few hours. It’s a perfect set up to create a quiet reading place along with garden views while protect against sudden inclement weather.

Pop Up Dome Tents as Warehouses. With the construction costs rising continuously, it’s probably not worth to starting a business in a solid building. Then a pop up dome tent may be one of the ideal choices. Compared to traditional concrete buildings or square tents, having your warehousing in a dome shaped structure shows its advantages as saving cost at time, manpower, and construction material. The fully enclosed, climate-controlled dome can withstand high winds up to 75 mph and extreme temperatures, protecting the inventory well. What’s more, it’s relocatable and portable, allowing you to relocate a new location or for a different application as needed.

Geodesic Domes as Sports Club Houses. With no any pillar, column or interior support inside the sport dome, it creates a wide perspective and is an attractive solution for owners of sport arenas, golf courses, yoga studios, and ski resorts etc. The spherical structure can be equipped with sports facilities easily, thus it’s widely employed in many large sport events, providing different functional areas. They include lounge halls, referee booths, medical points or locker rooms.

Geodesic Dome Structure

Tiny Dome Houses as Natural Dwellings. Have you ever thought that you can have a family dwelling under a dome shelter? A tiny house housed in a dwell dome combines cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. With the spherical structure, it creates a natural airflow that allows the hot or cool air to flow evenly throughout the dome. A dome house with a comfortable bed, gaily decorated tables and chairs, jacuzzi, kitchen, lightings and HVAC units, all of these help to create a warm and cosy zone for this bright open space.

Applications of fabric geodesic dome structures are virtually unlimited. Apart from the above uses, the dome constructions are also great for corporate events, outdoor weddings, entertainment spots, trade events, pavilions, camping and greenhouses. No doubt we’ll find out more and more creative ways of using geodesic domes abound.

If you have anything on your mind, let us know in the comments! Or if you want to know the quotation of fabric dome house, please feel free to Contact Us. We will get back to you within 24h.

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