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Blueprint for Success: Crafting a Revolutionary Glamping Business Plan


Glamping Business Expansion: Capturing Outdoor Enthusiasts | Shelter Dome

Why is there a glamping business plan?

Market size and growth potential

1/ The camping market is growing steadily

With the improvement of people's living standards and the increasing popularity of outdoor activities, the glamping business market is gradually expanding and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 5% in the next five years.

glamping business

2/ Young people's preferences change

Once upon a time, free travel and self-driving travel were the first choice for young people to show their individuality. Today, "seize the elderly tour group" quietly into the public eye. No need to bother to arrange, no pressure, cost-effective outdoor tourism project Rong-GALMGping won the hot list.

Others find relaxation in glamping. Almost overwhelmed by the high pressure pace of life, young people regard travel as an intermediary to transfer pressure. The core pursuit of happiness and health coincides with the concept of glamping business. Whether it is life problems or workplace pressures, all difficulties are not a matter in the face of great nature.

As a result, the tired young people have a subtle chemistry with the wild natural scenery, there is no peer pressure, it is easy to put down the burden, experience a regular routine, and the whole journey is full of atmosphere. Emotionally comfortable and free, young people who feel "earned" have decisively given up the initiative to travel and are scrambling to experience the fun of opening a blind box from glamping. They become "social animals", finally Epiphany, originally join glamping, only 0 times and countless times.

3/ Reflects the change of young people's consumption preference

The popularity of 'glamping business' really upends the stereotype of young people. In the past, young consumers who were keen on online shopping often stocked up on daily necessities that could last a year in the broadcast room, or spent a lot of money on a luxury item with a high premium, or bought a bunch of goods that they did not need in order to take advantage of discounts. And now, the pursuit of experience, the pursuit of trends, the pursuit of brands of young people and outdoor enthusiasts in the consumer demand and consumption scene has produced a wonderful "intersection".

Behind the "glamping business", in fact, some young people's consumption preferences have quietly changed: they are more "experience-sensitive", pay more attention to practical consumption, and are not willing to pay too high a premium for some commercial gimmicks and social attributes. This is just in line with the middle and high-end consumption formats that focus on experience.

Identify the market segment: The first step in the glamping business plan

Glamping business market is mainly aimed at young people and families who have a certain financial strength and are interested in outdoor activities. glamping is located in the middle and high-end market, providing high quality GLAMping equipment and professional services. Three modes of camping: hiking, leisure, exquisite.

1/ Family campers

Mainly young families and families with young children, they seek outdoor experiences and parent-child activities, and enjoy relaxing in a natural environment. Exquisite camping, camping equipment upgrade, consumer quality improvement, location or from the city park to the suburbs or other cities. Peripheral products unlock new scenes, and tend to be differentiated, diversified and high-quality, and refined camping ingredients

2/ Team activity clients

Businesses, schools and other organizations choose campsites for team building, focusing on diversity of activities and amenities.

3/ Backpackers

Hiking camping, early mountaineering, hiking and other outdoor sports in the "donkey friends" rise, at this time outdoor camping for other core sports auxiliary, mainly to solve the temporary rest needs.

glamping business

Finding the perfect glamping spot: Step Two of the glamping business plan

1/ Maximize benefits

The fundamental purpose for Glamping business investors to build glamping campsite is to obtain maximum economic benefits, which is the primary goal of the site selection. There are two ways to achieve economic benefits: increasing glamping campsite revenue and reducing operating costs. According to the actual situation of glamping campsite, maximizing income on the basis of controlling costs is the best choice to increase economic benefits.

2/ Location optimization

The general sense of site selection, that is, the choice of location. The improper choice of location directly affects the normal operation of tourist resort. Therefore, in order to achieve the goal of location optimization, it is necessary to take into account various factors such as facilities, resources, climate environment and transportation to improve the satisfaction of tourists. The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls, adjacent to Hocking Hills State Park, offers a unique waterfall view.

3/ Maximize passenger flow

The site selection of the resort should fully consider the demand of the tourist market, scale and quantity, so as to maximize the tourist flow and create greater benefits after the completion of the tourist resort.

4/ Economic rationality

Glamping campsite location selection process, but also take into account the perspective of tourists, in order to jointly reduce costs. Service is the core of tourism products. The regional tourism demand around glamping campsite will affect the further development of glamping business. At the same time, the utilization degree of land resources, land price and the trend of real estate market in the region where the resort is located will affect the location of glamping business. Therefore, in the process of site selection, it is necessary to fully investigate the regional tourism demand, potential demand, land use possibility and cost effectiveness.

Tent structure and facilities: The third step of the glamping business plan

Camp facilities and services

dome tent, glamping business

1/ Accommodation facilities

Determine the ecological carrying capacity of the site, and do not overload operation. Provide geodesic dome house, geodesic dome cabins, safari dome tents and other accommodation options with different themes to meet the needs of different guests.

2/ Recreational facilities

Set up outdoor sports venues, bonfire parties, concert stages and other entertainment facilities to enrich guests' outdoor experience.

3/ Dining facilities

Catering facilities such as self-catering kitchen, barbecue area, snack bar are provided to meet the dietary needs of guests.

Glamping business is mainly oriented towards integrating into nature, low-intensity construction and limited services, rather than being bigger and more comprehensive.


For "glamping business", there is no need to worry too much about "whether it squeezes natural resources". People's needs should be seen and paid attention to. In fact, it is because of the influx of glamping business that many less-developed areas "break the circle", driving the local economy through glamping business, alleviating the employment pressure, and achieving a benign and sustainable operation. This win-win situation reminds us that companies committed to glamping business development should be good at breaking the inertia of thinking, in-depth exploration of customer needs, timely response to market changes, so as to rise with the trend in the hidden luxury consumption field full of opportunities.

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