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Customized Geodesic Dome Tent


Custom Geodesic Domes: Unique Designs for Your Needs

Unleashing Creativity with Connected Geodomes

Satisfying space functionality and flexibility-Connected geodome is designed to give you unlimited creative possibilities.

Here, we can customize the geodesic dome for you, the boundaries of the build space will only be limited by your creativity, and the professional team at Shelter Dome can even create a building plan for you.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Ideas

Although the current glamping dome is rich in variety and complete facilities, it can meet the needs of most people, but there are still some customers who have their own novel and unique ideas, and these customers do not have to worry about finding a suitable geodesic dome, our company can customize their own glamping dome for these customers according to their needs.

dome, Customized Dome

Elevating Accommodation with Geodesic Domes

In today's society, tourism has become a part of our lives, accommodation has become an indispensable and important factor in our journey, homestays, especially high-end homestays, have slowly become a new way of life and leisure for people, and are an absolutely high-end market that cannot be ignored.

Sustainable Living with Geodesic Domes

The geodesic dome stands out from the various architectural forms of homestays, and its accommodation experience is not inferior to any kind of theme hotel.

A geodesic dome is warm in winter and cool in summer, high-density EPS structure has excellent thermal insulation performance, only uses a small amount of heating in winter, and also has excellent thermal insulation ability, sunlight shines through the internal skylight into the house, which can effectively save energy and create a comfortable living environment.

Geodesic Dome pays attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, using environmentally friendly materials, the walls will not produce harmful gases such as formaldehyde, and achieve low-carbon green energy.

Versatile, Time-Efficient Construction

A geodesic dome can be completed in one month, and convenient transportation and installation construction, greatly saving time and costs, the room can be expanded left and right, only need to connect different apartment types, the combination is diverse, and there are no beams and pillars inside.

Customers can incorporate any of their unique ideas into the house, Geodesic Dome can be customized according to customer needs, you can live in Geodesic Dome to see the Northern Lights, you can live in Geodesic Dome facing the sea, you can live in Geodesic Dome birds singing. Customize dome can do it for you if you want it.

Contact Us for Your Unique Geodesic Dome

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If you have a unique idea and want to create your own unique geodesic dome, please feel free to contact us, our company was founded in 2015, not only has an excellent design team, but also has a wealth of customization experience, will definitely create a geodesic dome for you.

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