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Discover Dome Structure: The Perfect Blend of Ecology & Design


I. Introduction

In today's fast-paced and highly digital world, people are increasingly eager to get back to nature and find ways to live in greater harmony with nature. This is what the rise of the concept of dome structure responds to. Dome structure, as the name suggests, is a structure with a round or hemispherical roof that not only fits the curves and radians of nature in shape, but also provides a unique and comforting spatial experience.

Dome structure is more than just a variation in architectural form, it represents a design philosophy with a deeper connection to nature and the environment. Over the past few decades, we have experienced first-hand the lifestyle changes brought about by urbanization and industrialization, but at the same time, we have also witnessed the impact of these changes on the natural environment around us.

II. What is A Dome Building?

dome structure

Dome structure is not limited to a particular form, it includes a variety of types, each reflecting a different culture and use. In ancient times, there were dome temples, dome mosques, dome baths and so on. In modern times, dome architecture has a wider range of applications, covering stadiums, observatories, science centers, landscape installations, and residential buildings.

The modern dome structure does not deliberately retain the complex elements of the traditional dome; On the contrary, it strengthens its internal public activity space, enlarges the interior area, adds an independent bathroom, and connects the living room and the rest space skillfully. The original curved appearance was completely retained, and only a large area of the observation platform was added to meet the new functional requirements. In the selection of furniture, luxury ergonomic bedding and high-end facilities are applied to the space layout, increasing the connection between the dome space and the luxury experience, reflecting the theme positioning of  "high-end accommodation".

The curvilinear shape of the dome structure distributes gravity and wind loads evenly and is able to cover large spans of space without the need for internal support columns. In addition, dome architecture is also favored for its advantages in natural lighting and ventilation, circular openings in the roof allow natural light to be evenly poured into the interior, while achieving good air circulation.

III. Landscape Design Application of Dome Structure

Domescapes is located in the heart of the Tamar Valley wine region. Domescapes' design focuses on the wine tasting experience and invites guests to spend time together in the public areas of the hotel. The well-designed dome rooms are quietly set in the grape jungle for guests to enjoy. This immersive accommodation experience is a must for any wine lover or those seeking a unique Tasmanian holiday.

Sleep Under the Cozy Vine Dome in Domescapes and Experience the Best of Tasmanian.

1/ Environmental design

Working with nature to minimize our impact on the environment is our core philosophy. Each dome includes a private ensuite with shower, sink behind dividing wall.

Domescapes aims to keep waste and electricity consumption to a minimum and encourages guests to do the same. Build hotels in a more environmentally friendly way. Building a low logistics system in a low-carbon way, rationally utilizing solar energy to supplement energy consumption, and constantly exploring the natural cave lifestyle are the embodiment of the deep integration of design and site.

2/ Escape with dignity

Each dome has a full suite, very glamping style. Comfortable king bed, quality cotton linens, quilts and soft furnishings. The interior design reflects the desire to add to, rather than detract from, the beauty of the natural environment.

Compared to the rest of Australia, the climate of Tasmanian is relatively cool, with no continental hot summers and four distinct seasons. Due to a series of cold fronts from the Southern Ocean, winter temperatures tend to be very low. How does the Dome structure withstand severe weather? Polycarbonate sheets are 250 times more impact-resistant than glass, making them extremely durable. 

Polycarbonate is a strong and elastic thermoplastic material that performs well in the temperature range from -40 degrees to +130 degrees. It can withstand various weather conditions, such as hail, storms and snow, and is UV resistant, ensuring a service life of up to 10 years. However, after the warranty period, exposure to bad weather may cause the sheets to turn yellow.

3/ Comfort of the dome

Domecapes' geodesic dome structure, set against a blue sky, has a relaxing atmosphere. Quality Engineering provides guests with warmth and comfort in all weather conditions.

The typical six-metre-high dome structure is designed to withstand the harshest Tasmanian winters, as well as the intense summer sun. Each of the energy-efficient domes has a solar vent built in, and the fully double-insulated domes provide maximum year-round comfort. One advantage of Domecapes is its wide clear sky Windows, which take up 25% of the dome structure and provide uninterrupted starry skies. This unique design invites the outside, allowing guests to retreat from the comfort of stargazing.

geo dome structure
dome structure

IV. Ecology and design of dome buildings

The dome's shape reduces the ratio between surface area and volume, is highly efficient, and consumes relatively little energy in terms of heating and cooling. It is equipped with an efficient and convenient ventilation system that utilizes natural ventilation principles to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. This not only helps reduce energy consumption, but also improves the air quality inside the dome.

Dome also tends to minimize waste and carbon emissions, with modular units prefabricated in the factory, reducing the resources and energy required for on-site construction and ideally achieving zero construction waste.

With the intensification of global aging, the contradiction that ordinary public Spaces cannot meet the needs of elderly activities is becoming increasingly prominent. The versatility of dome makes it widely used in aging sustainable landscape design: as a healing place, a social gathering place, a landscape sketch. This versatility allows the dome structure to better meet the needs of the community and the environment, creating diverse landscape Spaces while minimizing waste of resources.

The village empty-nest, the public space is not old, the old people's psychological loss, the happiness is not high, are the common problems faced by the rural elderly. How to improve people's happiness while satisfying functional needs through design is a long-term topic. In the case of limited budget, how to implement the landscape design. Effectively meet people's physical and spiritual needs.

What kind of design strategy can really improve people's happiness? Is to do a bunch of popular rural network red devices? Or to dig deep into the essence of its local culture... Think, overthrow, start again, and wait for flowers to bloom.

V. Conclusion

Glamping is becoming more and more popular and as niche accommodation grows in the travel space, the wide range of products is becoming more innovative and exciting. The synergy of ecology and design, the field of landscape design has been trying to find a perfect way to achieve the harmonious coexistence of human and nature. Dome structure, as an architectural form advocating sustainability and ecological friendliness, is becoming an innovative force in landscape design. It does not simply apply the traditional shape and system, but strives to be contemporary and regional. It breaks through the rectangular frame of traditional architecture and replaces it with smooth curves that complement the natural landscape.

dome structure

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