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Dome Tent House – An Infinite Romantic Journey Above the Sky


Explore the Skies: The Evolution and Benefits of Dome Tents

What we often like to do is look up at the sky, because the sky carries the romantic imagination of people on earth about everything in the universe. In Eastern and Western cultures, along with the process of civilization and history, humans have never given up exploring the sky.
Such exploration is often inextricably linked with technology, culture, etc.

What is a dome building?


Domes generally have two interpretations:

Dome: The space or area of a pendant hemisphere;

Crown/Vault: The apex or top of a dome or dome-shaped surface (such as a street or bridge deck that arches toward the center); specifically refers to the difference in height between the center of a vaulted road and its edge.

Generally refers to a kind of British building, such as the Millennium Dome (Millennium Dome) on the Greenwich Peninsula on the banks of the Thames River in east London. It is a landmark building built by the British government to welcome the 21st century.

Nowadays, as time goes by, dome elements are increasingly used in all aspects of people’s lives.

For example - dome tent

Advantages of dome tents

One of the advantages of public space domes is that they can be constructed at high speed. For example, a large PVC tarpaulin dome with a diameter of 20 meters can be erected quickly and efficiently, usually with 5 people in 5 to 7 hours.

They allow you to create a classy, professional, comfortable and functional space in a relatively short period of time, making them an excellent choice for large-scale events and community projects.

The second advantage of public space domes, enhanced security measures, is that each structure is carefully calculated and designed to provide the highest level of security and sturdiness.

Also available in challenging environmental conditions, geodome has been rigorously tested to handle

The most demanding wind and snow loads ensure they remain stable in adverse weather conditions.

The third advantage of dome tents is that the innovative design allows for highly adaptable space configurations, and multiple spherical structures can be easily combined and customized. The modular approach offers unlimited potential, making it easier than ever to create the ideal layout for a variety of purposes to suit your unique requirements.

A tent that is like opening Pandora's Box brings people endless surprises.

The development history of dome tents

"DOME BOOK ONE", a book about architecture in the "WHOLE EARTH CATALOG" series, tells the story of American architect R. Buck Minster Fuller and a group of young people building various dome structures in a way that almost anyone can afford. s story.

Before the 1970s, "A-Frame" A-shaped tents were still the mainstream in society. And just as Fuller was rampaging around with his dome aesthetics, many people began to have the idea of making a dome tent.

In 1975, the world's first commercial dome tent, OVAL INTENTION, was born. Its huge success and the accompanying VE 23/24 was a watershed moment in tent history, changing the design process of tents in terms of architecture, construction, and materials.

The dome shape is stronger and more aerodynamic than an A-frame, making it superior in the often harsh conditions of the mountains. Additionally, innovatively developed aluminum poles and lightweight nylon ripstop fabric ensure the tent is lighter to carry.

The birth of the dome tent played a vital role in people's continuous climb to more difficult journeys.

Its significance is like that of people exploring the sky over the years, leaving historical footprints in various places around the world. It is a romantic and legendary journey.

dome shelter

Heat dome

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