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Dome Buildings: A Landscape Design Masterpiece of Innovation & Ecology



In today's busy life, more and more people are seeking to enjoy an idyllic life in a place without sprawling buildings. Being in a place without a lot of infrastructure can be fulfilling and rewarding. Designers often think about how to create a similar experience of nature through architecture in an open space. Dome buildings are gaining more and more attention for their unique design and eco-friendliness.

Dome buildings are fusion of nature and creativity

1/ Innovative design

Full of personalized design, its life cycle will be limited, no matter how beautiful design symbols may be "outdated" with aesthetic changes. It is not necessary to define a natural landscape with typical design language and distinctive design style, nor to frame the effect of the landscape with specific design, but to make comprehensive considerations at the design level, so that the natural landscape itself has the opportunity to grow, and gives it a natural and inclusive attitude with the precipitation of time.

The basic concept of dome buildings is simple and creative: to abandon the traditional rectangular architectural form and replace it with a continuous light and fluid curve, this architectural style is a masterpiece of geometry, and realize the full range of spatial experience.

Dome buildings are composed of solid structural frames and transparent materials, which combine modern and traditional elements in appearance. Through the clever design, it emits soft light under the natural light, while introducing the starry sky into the interior at night, bringing a fairyland atmosphere to the occupants. Whether used as a home, a resort, an event space or a viewing platform, dome buildings create an engaging spatial experience that makes people linger.

2/ Natural inspiration

Landscape construction, the pursuit of interaction with nature. Carefully polishing a natural landscape and creating more opportunities for interaction between people and nature in the design are the attitudes that designers need to have. A complete design is not only to use design symbols and design lines on the drawings, but also to continue to think about how to interact with the surrounding natural environment, organisms and climate after the project is really landed in the precipitation of time. Adhering to the attitude of being a natural landscape, interacting with nature and integrating with nature, adopting biophile design to create a more vibrant landscape and contribute to maintaining the balance of biodiversity.

In landscape design, the introduction of dome buildings into the site can add a beautiful scenery to the entire environment. Like works of art, they are located on a privileged plot surrounded by nature and blend with the natural landscape to make the whole site appear more attractive.

dome buildings

Dome buildings should not only serve people, but also attract other creatures around them to reproduce after they become active. The biophile environment of dome buildings is considered from the perspective of transcending the landscape, and the balance between man and nature is pursued, so that people can relieve pressure and feel happiness while getting close to nature.

Dome buildings and glamping

dome buildings

Not have mountains and water is nature, not have flowers and trees is close to nature, the design of geometric shapes, the use of material elements, can not be just a simple splicing, and need to be a natural method to create, so that the site has vitality and biological attraction, you can watch insects and fish swimming, watch birds fluttering, feel the growth of plants. It's no accident that Dome buildings' popularity in glamping continues to climb. The unique design and warm atmosphere appeal to travelers looking for an unusual accommodation experience.

Dome for glamping offer an unparalleled level of comfort and luxury. The domed structure features comfortable and luxurious beds, fully equipped bathrooms and warm decor, ensuring that travelers can enjoy the comforts of home while living outdoors. Close the curtains, blocking the outside line of sight, but also create a certain sense of security. Dome buildings' floors are built on anticorrosive wooden platforms, which, combined with glass curtain walls, give the building a sense of lightness and adapt to various climates.

Here, eating, bathing and sleeping with the Windows open, you can feel the wind in the environment, feel the dissipation of the boundary between nature and architecture, and bring people a richer experience. It's a very simple, pure experience like camping, but with a sense of ease and freedom sheltered by architecture.

The integration of dome buildings and natural landscape

1/ Indoor and outdoor interaction of the domed buildings

Dome buildings, with their transparent design and graceful curves, create opportunities for indoor and outdoor interaction. The design makes the landscape ahead of the building layout from the planning point of view. On the basis of the overall layout, dome buildings create a series of exquisite viewing platforms by means of counterview, borrowing view and frame view to express the changes of space, create the effect of virtual and real changes, and present an atmospheric natural scenery in a limited space.

"Let the landscape layout go first", and then make the picture window layout of the dome building deflect towards the core axis landscape at a certain Angle, so that the occupants have a broader view and can enjoy the whole natural landscape. This seamless transition allows the occupants to enjoy the natural beauty while spending time in a comfortable setting.

2/ Coordination of natural elements

The exterior of Dome buildings is in neutral tones to better coordinate with the surrounding natural elements. Borrow the surrounding natural elements to create a garden landscape, at the same time with natural techniques, the "living" embedded in the majestic natural garden, hoping to "move" the natural atmosphere from the suburbs or far away from the city to the site, to create a "downtown, heart in the mountains" glamping life experience. Choose plants that harmonize with the local vegetation to create an eco-friendly environment.

The geometry of the design and the material elements used cannot be simply splice, but need to be created in a natural way, so that the site has vitality and biological attraction. The clever integration of dome buildings into the natural landscape not only enhances the overall appeal of the landscape, but also provides occupants with a unique opportunity to interact with nature. This design approach integrates architecture with nature, creating an experience of harmonious coexistence with nature for people, allowing them to feel the beauty of nature more deeply.

triangle dome buildings
dome buildings


According to landscape architect Joseph Smith, "The unique design of the domes and their harmony with nature make them a highlight of landscape design. In the future, we may see more public landscape projects adopt domed architecture to create memorable experiences."

Dome buildings should not have the concept of being "outdated." Its most distinctive place is that it has life, it will grow periodically, and it will present different scenery under the incubation and precipitation of time, and it has comprehensive benefits. 

But how to make dome buildings continue to grow healthily, full of vitality and vitality, instead of becoming old and dilapidated with the general living environment? Designers believe that dome buildings, like other works of art, need regular care and patient repair, and also like hotels, shopping malls, interior decoration, need to be renovated within a certain period, so as to bring a new sense of space experience. In addition, it is more important to presuppose the overall state of dome buildings in five, ten or more years at the beginning of the design.

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