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Epic Dome Camping Tents At Wadi Rum: Welcome to Palmera Camp


In this post, Shelter Dome will introduce Wadi Rum, a few must-see landmarks and Bedouin cultures in the post. Also, we list some luxury dome camping tents for campers who are ready to visit in Wadi Rum.

The Valley Of The Moon: Wadi Rum

  • Must-See Attractions In Wadi Rum Desert
  • Bedouin Traditions Still Alive In Wadi Rum Protected Area

Spend A Night In The UNESCO’s World Heritage Site

Palmera Camp

Wadi Rum, known also as the Valley of the Moon, is one of the world’s most famous movie backdrops. The Martian(2015), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(2016), The Last Days on Mars(2013) and countless movies have featured Wadi Rum’s magnificent scenery.

Compared with other deserts, the Wadi Rum desert itself looks otherworldly. Facing reddish rock faces and sandstone mesa combined with the barren desert sand, you just feel yourself on the Mars.

The desert valley was mentioned in Greek and Roman ancient historical accounts, and was described by Lawrence of Arabia as “vast, echoing and godlike”.

The Wadi Rum desert is home to several breathtaking attractions. Shelter Dome lists a few must-see attractions according to the internet:

The Bedouin are a grouping of nomadic Arab people who have historically inhabited the desert regions. Nowadays, Bedouins of Wadi Rum still preserve customs and traditions, keeping the Bedouin culture alive.

The Life In The Desert

The Bedouin way of life is closely connected to the desert and its creatures. They know everything about the desert and love their lives with great freedom in the desert. Maybe you had heard that Bedouins pride themselves on virtues such as bravery, generosity, and hospitality.

Bedouin Cuisine

When it comes to the Bedouin cuisine, the wadi is well-known for a meal that is cooked underground called “Zarb”. Putting food on coal and cover it for two to three hours is a centuries-old method of cooking for bedouins. Tourists should not miss this in Wadi Rum, because its smell just makes you mouth-watering.

Traditional Bedouin Tent

A traditional Bedouin tent is distinctive by its black color with white stripes. According to the locals, they used goat hair and camel lint to provide a good shelter even during rainfall. As one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, the Wadi Rum protected area has no shortage of landmarks to visit. We strongly suggest you spending at least one night in the Wadi Rum desert.

New open Palmera Camp is a luxury resort that locates in the heart of the Wadi Rum Protected Area. Combining Bedouin style and modern comfort, it offers 3 types of rooms, Deluxe King Room, Deluxe Twin Room, and Superior King Room. Most importantly, each room has a private balcony and an isolated view without any bothering.

Superior King Room is a traditional Bedouin tent while it has all 5-star hotel-like facilities. It can accommodate two guests comfortably for an amazing glamping getaway. The cozy king-size bed and oriental decor make it an ideal place for a honeymoon.

greet the dawn in bed at glamping dome

“Sameh, the host and owner, is keeping the Bedouin traditions alive and as his guest, he shows you different aspects like the food and special saffron coffee.”    ——TripAdvisor

Stunning Dome Camping Tents Of Palmera Camp Wadi Rum

Besides the traditional Bedouin style guest room, Palmera Camp cooperated with Shelter Dome to build some stunning dome camping tents.
Deluxe King Room is a 6-meter-diameter glamping dome with has a balcony and outdoor furniture on its wooden platform. Practicing environmental awareness, all the 6-meter-diameter dome camping tents are equipped with a solar exhaust fan to use renewable energy. A door-to-ceiling one-way mirror glass separates the dwelling dome into two parts, a bedroom and living room combo, and a bathroom. The best thing about the mirror is allowing a gorgeous sandstone view in the bathroom while it guarantees guests’ privacy.

Deluxe Twin Room features a 5-meter-diameter glamping dome with an adjoined log cabin and private balcony. The luxury dome tent performs purely for sleeping with two single beds and a nightstand in the middle. Guests can use the bathroom passing by the entrance in the adjoined log cabin.

Palmera Camp’s restaurant opens all day long, allowing guests to enjoy their meal all day long. Near the restaurant, a swimming pool and the pool-lounge near by both are available. Also, there is also a mini-bar where guests can enjoy some soft drinks or coffee. As night falls, guests can gather together at the outdoor fireplace and have fun.

There are various recreational and relaxing activities here for guests to enjoy such as hiking nearby, walking tours, stargazing, having a picnic, and more. Palmera Camp also provides a tour or class about Bedouin local culture with an additional charge.

In short, Palmera Camp provides amazing glamping experiences that combine modern comfort and Bedouin culture together. Consequently, we strongly recommend you to spend a night there.

I felt the true hospitality of the local Bedouin tribe combined with unprecedented luxury. The food was great, the Jeep desert guided drive was phenomenal, the room had isolation and breathtaking view!

The rooms are very spacious, clean, and allowed us to sleep while admiring the stars. We noticed that each room, or tent, has a breathtaking view of the desert.

What an amazing experience to sleep under the stars like a Bedouin warrior and to eat under the stars is a very deep spiritual experience and I highly recommend a stay here…

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If you want to build a campsite like Palmera Camp, leave your quote and we will get back to you soon.

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