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How do Dome Houses Achieve Architectural Perfection through Design?


Buildings known as “domes” can be found around the world, and they have historically influenced the architecture, aesthetics, and culture of various countries.

Introduction to Dome House

The dome module (also known as the dome) is an observation deck component of the International Space Station built by the European Space Agency. Once installed, the observation platform will provide astronauts with a place to directly observe the operation of the robotic arm, the docked spacecraft and the Earth in the distance.

History of the Dome

Domed buildings have a long history, dating back to prehistoric times, and over the centuries they have been constructed from mud, snow, stone, wood, brick, concrete, metal, glass and plastic.
Symbols associated with the dome include the Taiping movement, celestial bodies, and government traditions, which have also evolved over time.

Domes were discovered in early Mesopotamia, and the spread of the form continued.
They are found in Persian, Hellenistic, Roman and Chinese architecture of the ancient world as well as in numerous contemporary local building traditions.

Domed architecture was popular in Byzantine and medieval Islamic architecture, and examples abound in medieval Western Europe.
Renaissance architectural style was imported from Italy.

Since then, advances in mathematics, materials and production techniques have given rise to new dome types, and domes in the modern world can be found on religious buildings, legislative chambers, sports venues and a variety of functional structures.

Glamping Unplugged

The world famous "Dome House":

Alberobello is a small town in southern Italy, located 60 kilometers southeast of Bari. More than 1,000 dome houses (also known as Chuli) are preserved here. It has local characteristics and is a veritable "dome house". It is also known as the "Town of Paradise" for its charm. In 1996, the Dome of Alberobello was named a World Cultural Heritage.

The “dome” in luxury camping:

Dome House

Later, the architectural design concept of "dome house" was also used in camping tents. Among them, SHELTER DOME's luxury camping brand was the most prominent. Tents used for outdoor camping and open-air venues were called " Dome House”.

SHELTER DOME is a dome brand dedicated to creating a luxury camping experience. With its groundbreaking geodesic domes and eco-huts, it not only makes luxury outdoor living a reality, but also the standard for everyone.

The geodesic dome redefines the way people perceive event spaces, from intimate gatherings to grand festivals, SHELTER DOME’s architecture has become the backdrop for countless memories.

All of this is inspired by the "dome warehouse". Each dome tent adopts a multi-functional module design and is thoughtfully equipped with all the equipment needed for accommodation, activities, etc., allowing customers to mix and match at will to create unlimited potential, giving each tent Maximum freedom of expression.

SHELTER DOME is not only unique in the design of tents, but also accepts private customization by customers, making exclusive customer tents according to customer requirements, helping customers solve practical problems to a greater extent and listening to their voices.

Standing in the tent of SHELTER DOME, looking up at the sky, the stars are shining brightly, and your journey is also complete at this moment.

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