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3 Ways to Design Your Geodesic Dome Interior with Simple Decorations


3 Ways to Design Your Dome Interior with Simple Decorations

Your dome home can be your dream home. Whether you are thinking of using the geodesic dome as a resting space of your own, or as a relaxation zone for your guests, you can try to explore more possibilities of the dome interior simply with some basic furniture.

Here we have listed three different interior décor options with only a minimalist-style pouf set. So it is true: with the right method, you can easily turn your dome into a space that is both comfortable and functional.

A pouf for a cozy staycation

A pouf (or bean bag) would be the best choice for a pleasant break. It is lighter than a sofa, but serves the same function. You can easily move the pouf according to your needs and its waterproof polyester material makes it available to be taken outdoors.

Place the pouf in the center of the dome, leaving enough room for your legs to stretch. The panoramic bay window brings in sufficient sunlight; the dome with insulation keeps the room at the perfect temperature. Get a book ready that you’ve been wanting to read for a long time and leave your worries at work behind…yes, just a pouf that can change shape depending on your posture will make you start enjoying your staycation in great comfort.

dome design

Staycation in a dia. 7m (23ft.) geodome

A lamp + a table + a pouf = you are ready for your workcation!

Workcation is no longer a novelty. More and more people choose to work remotely, and some of them prefer to mix work and play into a glamping holiday. For those new generations who are used to working online, wherever there is WIFI and a laptop, it can be a workplace.

Your dome tent can be a wonderful office space as well. All it takes is one more desk lamp and a table and your guests are equipped to handle their work. When selecting the right table, you can choose one that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Remember that guests who come with their computers ready to work also come with a heart for visual enjoyment.

Geodesic Dome Interior

Workcation in a rainy day

One more step for the petcation

Like all the recent traveling trends, petcation is another lifestyle that many glampers appreciate. For many developed glamping accommodations, pet-friendly is not only about accepting pets to stay with their owners but also about catering to the pets themselves.

Provide a mat or crate for the pet in the dome interior, or prepare a mini pouf that can be used as a pet bed as well. In the choice of materials for pet furniture, consider those that are easy to clean and at the same time comfortable enough. Once you have taken into account the needs of our furry friends when furnishing the interior, your dome is ready for some petcations!

Geodesic Dome Interior Design

Take good care of your furry friend

Decorating your dome space is not as tricky as you may imagine. In practical cases, a multifunctional dome space can be easily created with only one set of pouf. If you ever wanted to make your dome interior stand out, you can definitely start with those basic and simple furnishings. Sometimes the simple can bring more surprises.

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