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Dome Shelter Tent As a Sustainable Architecture Revolution


Innovation enables development, and science and technology change our lives

What is dome shelter tent?

dome shelter tent is a building made of prefabricated house parts. Different from the traditional way, this construction method will move a large number of on-site work to the factory, in the factory to make the accessories, components, such as the floor, and then transported to the construction site, through the connection of the on-site assembly and fixed, through this way formed a building structure.

Dome shelter tent vs traditional building

1. Different construction methods

While a traditional building is built brick by brick on a construction site, dome shelter tent has many parts machined directly in a factory. For example, interior and exterior wall panels, including terraces or prefabricated panels. Therefore, the prefabricated building can realize standardization and information, and improve the work efficiency; And the corresponding cost is also reduced, the cost performance is higher than the traditional building mode.

2. Decoration quality has a certain difference

The outdoor operation of traditional buildings is affected by weather, temperature and air humidity, which will produce many quality problems such as cracking and hollow drum. Dome shelter tent moves a lot of on-site work to the factory, which avoids the effects of weather and many quality problems.

At the same time, dome shelter tent needs high technical requirements and fine construction management, and high requirements for the skills and quality of construction personnel. Dome shelter tent, especially for residential products, pays more attention to the conflict and matching degree between the structural system and the house type, and pays more attention to the standardized design of the house type and components.

dome shelter tent

3. Different labor intensity

Dome shelter tent In off-the-shelf construction, much of it was done by machine. Traditional construction will use a lot of labor, and staff work intensity is greater.

4. Dome shelter tent is more environmentally friendly

Traditional buildings will produce a lot of construction waste, dust, etc., resulting in certain waste and pollution of the environment. Prefabricated buildings reduce environmental pollution, meet the requirements of green buildings, and realize the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection. The increasing environmental protection, labor cost and carbon emission cost have promoted the continuous improvement of dome shelter tent penetration.

Ecological architecture - the future of dome shelter tent

Dome shelter tent adopts the latest technology developed by Shelter Dome, modular integrated building (Modular Integrated building) construction method, which can be directly put into use after leaving the factory. It can be built into a complete residence or a compact community mobile house through combination and expansion, which ensures both safety and comfort. It also achieves humanization, spatial richness and functional diversity, and can be used in glamping hotels, mobile workstations, urban development halls, public libraries, luxury weddings and other scenes.

At present, the construction industry has gradually entered the era of stock competition, superimposing the goal of "low-carbon" guidelines, promoting building industrialization, and developing prefabricated buildings, green buildings and smart buildings, which has become an inevitable trend of the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry. China Construction Hailong Technology will vigorously develop the new building industrialization represented by prefabricated buildings, constantly improve the construction level and construction quality, and promote the optimization and upgrading of "Built in China".

dome shelter tent
dome shelter tent, Geodesic dome tent in the winter


In recent years, Shelter Dome insists on "innovation" as the first driving force to lead the development, strengthens the technological research of dome, comprehensively improves the ability of independent innovation, and makes a series of scientific and technological innovation achievements, which provides strong support for building a solid scientific research and innovation plateau and helping enterprises develop with high quality.

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