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A Remarkable Contrast Between Dome Structures & Traditional Architecture


The Art of Living in the Future: Dome structure vs. Traditional Architecture


Anyone who has built a house or villa with LEGO bricks must have had the idea that "if building a house were as easy as building blocks", a series of pre-made components would be put together and a series of tall buildings would rise up... With the innovation of building technology, this "spell" dome structure has become one of the most popular glamping building methods in the world.

The difference between dome structures and traditional buildings

  1. Modularity

Dome structure is the prefabricated components and parts processed in the factory, including modular bathroom, modular deck, floor, interior and exterior wall panels, doors and Windows, connecting nodes, water heating and electricity equipment, etc., transported to the construction site. A dome structure is a structure that is constructed by means of reliable assembly and connection.

In dome structure, modular bathroom & kitchen is the most popular structure, which is an integrated waterproof chassis combination, wall panel and ceiling as a whole frame, and an independent unit formed by various functional sanitary ware. With kitchen, shower, bath, washing, toilet five functions, the functions can be arbitrarily combined, in a limited space combined into a ready-to-use, beautiful and beautiful overall kitchen and bathroom. According to statistics, people stay in the bathroom for an average of about three years according to the age of 75, and stay in the kitchen for about seven years. It can be seen that the quality and comfort of bathroom and kitchen directly affect people's pursuit of high-quality life.

  1. Construction speed

Compared with traditional construction methods,dome structure is built faster, less restricted by climate conditions, saving labor and improving construction quality. The characteristic is to build houses like "building blocks", and to "produce" houses on the assembly line.

  1. Construction method

Dome is a building assembled with prefabricated components on the site, while traditional buildings use thousands of years of brick and tile. Compared with traditional construction methods,dome structure is built faster, less restricted by climate conditions, saving labor and improving construction quality.

If the traditional building is called "build" house, then the dome structure can be called "make" house, although it is only a word difference, but in fact it is the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, with the technological innovation and industrial upgrading, this new industrial production mode is becoming the "popular wind" of the glamping construction industry.

  1. Operation mode between dome structures and traditional buildings 

Traditional construction sites will become "final assembly workshops" for construction factories. In traditional construction projects, the project department is set up locally, and the main human and material resources will be concentrated in the construction site. But dome structure is different, the components used in the construction, such as walls, roofs, terraces, etc., are basically completed in the factory, and then transported to the project site for "final assembly", the construction site does not need to have too many workers and equipment.

dome structure
dome structure


Shelter Dome makes dome structure components standardized and customized by the factory, and adopts automated production lines. The standardization degree is quite high, and the product quality can be unified. Each prefabricated component comes with its own "ID card" when leaving the factory, with production data, image data, date, etc., wearing a two-dimensional code, the whole life cycle can be checked, such as in the maintenance, accident liability and other fields are fully documented.

The difference between dome structure and traditional architecture, the answer is right in front of us. Good things will not be buried, just like dome structure can be accepted by everyone because of its superiority, and then about the difference between dome structure and traditional architecture we said here, remember to pay attention to us oh!

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