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4 Reasons to Use Geodesic Dome Structures for Showroom Spaces


Dome Structures--When talking about the showroom, we usually indicate a spacious area used to display products, entertainment, or visual arts. For a company or brand, the design of the showroom space is particularly important. A well-designed showroom can not only fully display the items in the space, but also reflect the professionalism of the brand and its image.

As the market demand diversifies, different showrooms are coming into our view. The event dome that can meet the needs of a large space and attractive design is also used as an alternative for the showroom. In this article, we will introduce 4 highlights of using dome structures as showrooms. 

Dome Structures--Flexible with multi-functions

Geodesic dome tents are easy to assemble, disassemble, and store, which is great for a temporary showroom. What’s more, if the dome you choose is a fully standardized product, you can install the showroom with just a few people, saving labor and time as well.

When a short-term display ends, it is both economical and environmentally friendly to store the dome away and get ready for the next use. Only one simple dome can make touring exhibitions possible.

The unique structure of the dome also maximizes the use of space. This feature allows new product launches and displays to coexist harmoniously in the same space. Our previous case perfectly illustrates the potential of a well-designed dome showroom.

Brighter space, better display with Dome Structures

Lighting is always one of the essential factors to make the exhibits in the showroom look the best. And the light is just where the dome excels. Whether it is a PVC cover dome or a glass dome, good light transmission makes the whole interior of the showroom bright enough.

If equipped with a properly designed lighting system, your dome showroom will be outstanding. The video below is one of our glass dome projects which makes the best use of the dome brightness to to create a high-end showroom.

Build your brand by creating a memory

Exposure helps create the viewers’ memory and leaves deep impressions. The customizable dome covers with brand logos and graphics will further enhance the memory of visitors.

In addition, the dome is a fine medium for projection. The projection on the dome exterior is one way to branding, while interior projection can easily realize the digital showroom function and give exhibitors a more immersive viewing experience.

Dome Structures

Less energy is required

Due to their high volume-to-surface ratio, domes require 30% less surface area than conventional structures. So it takes at least 30% less energy to heat or cool the interior space. Since there are no stagnant places inside the dome, continuous airflow is guaranteed, requiring less energy to maintain an even temperature. This is definitely good news for showrooms that may need to be open 24/7.

Since the dome is a good option for a showroom, why not give it a try? Contact us and start designing your creative showroom!

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