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Why an Outdoor Dome Tent is your Best Outdoor Buddy?


Why are keen to camping?

The fast-paced city life is suffocating, camping is undoubtedly the most comfortable leisure activity for modern people, as some brands say "camping is a playhouse for adults". After staying at home for a long time, we always miss the scenery outside the door, the road have walked, the scenery have seen, and the heartbeat that has lingered. When us couldn't help but look through the photos, we realized that the most beautiful scenery was all around us.

Occasionally do a "A Social Media Fast", meet three or five friends in leisure time, set up tents in the mountains, talk on bonfires, indulge in the mountains, look up at the bright starry sky at night, wake up in the morning sun in the singing of birds and flowers, there should always be such a trip in a lifetime, to see the most beautiful nature, to regain the most childhood happiness.

Delightful outdoor dome tent

Not only is outdoor camping a way to relax, but it's also a more romantic way to camp than staying in a hotel, whether with family or friends, often because of these experiences more intimately. The most important item in the camping process must be the choice of tent, and the comfort and practicality of the tent directly determine people's experience.

There are many types of tents, but here we mainly introduce the outdoor dome tent. Ordinary domes are generally double-pole cross supports, easy to disassemble and install, but Shelter Dome makes it a dome that is more in line with the way of glamping, in the space created by SHELTER DOME, you don't have to worry about annoying mosquitoes, undesirable weather, tent safety, etc., just enjoy all the good things camping brings.

Our dome inherits the good wind resistance of the base outdoor dome tent, and the interior space is more spacious and comfortable, most of them are made of PVDF tarpaulin, whether it is outdoor activities or gatherings, according to different usage scenarios, we have made different models.

outdoor dome

For example, a 12-meter PVDF tarpaulin dome with a diameter of 12.5 meters and a peak height of 5 meters can give you 126 square meters of projection and floor space, as well as 120 square meters of interior space. Its spacious interior can fully meet the space needs of corporate events or gatherings of friends.

The transparent structure design allows you to effortlessly take advantage of the natural scenery to create a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for the user and enhance the overall experience. In addition, due to the special structure of our tents, just like building blocks, you can combine them more flexibly and create more possibilities for their use.

Why choose our outdoor dome tent?

outdoor dome

Shelter dome tent can be customized both exterior and interior to showcase your corporate brand and culture, enhancing the cohesion and impact of brand activities.

Shelter Dome is already a brand in their twenties, you don't have to worry about the quality of our products at all, we have a group of engineers who are passionate about making innovative outdoor dome tents. Our quest is not only to provide high-quality outdoor shelter solutions, but also to make tents perfect in every way. Here, practicality and top-of-the-line aesthetics can be perfectly combined.

Whether you're a brand founder, campsite planner, hotel developer, glamping consultant, or glamping site architect, we look forward to bringing more possibilities to your outdoor site.

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