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Key Checklist of Starting Glamping Business from Shelter Dome


If you are planning for a glamping business, you should know something major before starting. We would show you the checklist for reference.

Attractive gateway selection

The tourists desire a place to explore the unique travel experience. The first thing you need to do is to find a attractive spot for your glamping site. There are a few elements should be in the place you choosen. First of all, it has to be where people want to visit. Your guests is seeking a gateway where is away from the brick building and connecting with nature. In addtion, what activities may your guests enjoy while staying at the resort? Maybe hiking, horse riding, brabecue… Where you should seek for? Valley, forest, seaside, farms, highland may be the good choice.

Plan the business schedule

Certianly, planning is something that takes time and might be troublesome. At the end, you will find that everything is definitely worth. First, you have to consider the source of the investment funds and the basic budget. If you’re not going to invest in your cash, you’ll need to consider a financial lease, installment, bank loan, business loan, or family funding. Check the pros and cons of all methods, quotes and costs.

Schedule the opening of your glamping site will be keep your motivation. Might as well set a rough time point for each items, such as ordering the glamping domes, prepearing the land , building the infurstructure, launching your website,starting the social media, desigining the interior facilities…

Choose the glamping type

Compare with regular cabin or wooden house, the cost of Glamping Dome will be much lower. At the same time, geodesic dome will be more firendly for tiro installation, earier, faster. That means that you will launch your resort in lower cost and faster procress. You will be one of the first dome campsite in your region, a hot spot is raising.

Get the permission

When you are starting the glamping business, one of the most frequent question is do I need any planning permit to set up the dome tent. Of course, it depends on each counties’ policy, so you should consult the local authorities. In Japan, it will take 1 – 3 month to finish the whole application.

However, If you are going to operate a glamping resort, you may need to do some documents material including a property plan, a site plane, a the detailed information of the geodesic domes (their size and technical specifications).

Shelter Dome are willing to assist you to finish the applications. If you need to attach any documents about the product information, we will try to help.

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