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From a land to glamping hot spot checklist #2


Keep on learning about how to be a glamping site owner.

Plan the activities to your guests

Aside from the breathtaking landscapes, the variety of activities is also an aspect that attracts tourists. At the same time, planning the attractions will be a part of your budget. You will have a more comprehensive budget control.

What kind of attraction/activities will fit your location?

If you are going to open a glamping site in the forest, think about botanical exploration activities. Sauna, massage, and yoga classes would be very suitable in a hot spring resort. If you are located in the valley, your guests may want to have hiking, horse riding, or just have a cup of tea. Have a brainstorming session with your partners and your guests will feel your attentiveness.


Accommodation interior design

For interior decoration, you can try to match the furniture and colors in combination with the local environment. Pay attention to interior details and ventilation, which will make your guests more comfortable.

Wooden furniture is the main theme of interior decoration in North America. If you are opening glamping site in New Zealand, warm bedding colors will create a homey feel for your guests.

Furthermore, it is crucial to decide whether to install bathroom modules inside the dome or to install a separate building with showers. There are costs involved. Plus, guests will be more willing to pay better prices for domes with bathrooms.

Geodome with bathroom and loft

Do some marketing

The campers are always fond of high-quality photos, and you can invite professional photographers to take pictures of the site’s accommodation and bird’s-eye view. Using the pictures on the booking portals and resort websites will attract good traffic.

In addition to the website, start your glampsite marketing plan with social media. Visitors are happy to share their unique experiences with their friends on social media. While your account interacts with guests, you can also reach a wide audience and increase the exposure of your camp.

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