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Transform Your Garden Dome Igloo: Top Styling Tips and Ideas


Transform Your Garden Dome Igloo: Top Styling Tips and Ideas

Fancy some extra decoration to make your igloo garden structure brighten up your outdoor living? These playful and trendy domes can be decorated in various ways to improve the appearance and feel of your outdoor space. Read this article and make some changes to your lovely dome! Here are some suggestions on how to make your geodesic dome stand out, whether you wish to construct a comfortable retreat or add a pop of color.

Furnish your garden dome igloo with decorative accessories

Like any other structure, the style of the domes can be upgraded by decorating the interior spaces. Let’s start by adding furniture, rugs, lamps, and plants. Note that throughout the process of decorating your igloo dome, the accessories you choose should match the style you want to create.

Take the creation of a romantic dome as an example, the following decorations may be your reference:

  • Add accessories such as wind chimes, fairy lights, ribbons, etc.
  • Use tulle textured sun shade to create an elegant style.
  • Place a comfortable seating area with cozy seats and cushions for relaxing. (Only when you relax can you fully feel the romantic atmosphere.)
  • Fill in the empty spaces with trailing plants and soften the edges of the dome.
Garden Dome Igloo

Design the exterior color of your garden igloo

You can always choose a color other than white for the exterior of your dome. The colorable portion of the igloo dome is PVC-coated polyester fabric with a variety of color options. Some will choose olive green to make the dome blend better into nature, while others may choose a brighter color to make the igloo part of the outdoor design. It is also possible to print patterns on the outside of the dome house. The imagination about the exterior design of the garden dome may be endless.

As eco-luxury housing, the geodomes can last for many years once they are constructed. Although the fabric on the dome can be changed at any time, for eco-friendly reasons, we recommend that you fully consider the preferred color before making a decision. Perhaps a color that won’t quickly get you disinterested would be a better choice. Of course, you can also make your dome look refreshing through DIY.

Let the scenery embellish your dome space

The view is an excellent decoration for your igloo dome. From fully transparent bubbles to domes with panoramic bay windows, different garden igloos receive different levels of view. The dome connects the indoor furnishings with the outdoor landscape. When you are in a fully transparent dome, you will feel closer to nature than ever before while being well sheltered.

And in a dome room with a bay window, you get the right whether to see the scenery or not – when you pull the curtains, the dome turns back into the closed space that brings you a sense of complete security. Of course, you can install a skylight for your dome, so you could enjoy the pleasure of looking up at the stars at night.

As well, when you look at your dome while standing in an outdoor space, you will see that the number of transparent PVC fabric makes a big difference in the look your dome creates. How many windows would you prefer to install? Perhaps adding a small round window can bring a new visual aesthetic.

Get inspired to decorate from the functions of the igloo dome

Refer to more case studies to see how others are using their dome. Then think about how you will define your igloo space. Using the dome as a cozy space to rest? Add comfortable cushions, retro-styled stereos and even an electronic fireplace playing videos of burning flames! Or is it a cinema dome? With everything you require, such as a 50-inch plasma screen option for the projector and a sound system for all of your screening plans.

The bubble tent can be used as the garden greenhouse as well. Place those plants that you are keen to take care of and put a single sofa next to them. Feel the nature that fills the interior and exterior of your garden igloo, and enjoy it.

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