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Agros Glamping: Luxury Domes in Troödos, Cyprus | Immersive Nature Escape

Project Details:

Site Name: Agros Glamping
Built year: 2021
Construction Duration: Approximately one month
Sector: Glamping
Dome Specifications: 2 units of 7m dome
Key Features: insulation, curtain, solar extractor fan, glass window, stove jack
Location: Glafkou Kleride 35, Agros village, Limassol, Cyprus
Shelter Dome

Project Background


Agros is a village located in the Troödos Mountains in the southwest of Cyprus, at an altitude of 1,100 meters, with a population of around 1,000 people. Agros is known for its stunning natural landscapes and cultural heritage. The client's goal is to create a Glamping hotel that offers guests an immersive experience of the local culture and natural beauty.


To provide outdoor hotel accommodations.

Glamping Dome Tent


a) The client first approached us in the mid-2019 and received their first set of accommodation domes by the end of the year. This marked their initial purchase of accommodation domes from us.

b) After successful operations and positive guest feedback, the client decided to expand their campsite. In late 2022, they approached us to discuss the design and purchase of a second set of accommodation domes.

c) Within less than a month, the client confirmed the design and placed an order for the second set of 7-meter domes. These domes featured a new short-span style, offering increased space, improved bay window aesthetics, and higher snow load capacity.


  • Weathering the Elements

Agros' location in the Troödos Mountains exposes the accommodation domes to various weather conditions, including intense sun, heavy rain, and occasional snowfall. The transparent bay windows, while providing breathtaking views, are also exposed to these elements. Over time, the transparent fabric naturally ages, which can affect its clarity and durability. The choice of materials and design must take into account the need for resilience in the face of the region's distinct climate.

Agros Glamping
  • Modular Design for Longevity

The client's foresight in opting for a modular design was especially prudent in Agros. The separation of the bay window and blackout sections allows for easy replacement when required, even after several years of use. This approach not only ensures the longevity of these key areas but also reduces downtime for maintenance, which is crucial for a hospitality operation that aims to provide an uninterrupted and memorable guest experience.

Agros Glamping,outdoor living tents
  • Challenging Terrain and Installation

Agros' steep and scenic terrain adds a layer of complexity to the installation process. While the all-in-one design of the domes simplifies most aspects of installation, dealing with the exterior fabric on such terrain can be challenging. Ensuring that the fabric is taut and secure, while maintaining the dome's structural integrity, requires careful attention and expertise. The client's choice of location, while offering stunning panoramic views, demands extra effort during the installation phase.

Agros Glamping

Features & Outcome

Inside the domes, there are bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and loft beds. The interior includes two double beds and a sofa bed, with one double bed situated at the top of the bathroom module, making it ideal for children. The bathroom and kitchen areas are well-equipped. Additionally, there is an outdoor terrace with a hot tub and a leisure dining area. Guests can enjoy their mornings with a cup of coffee while taking in the natural surroundings.

Agros Glamping
Agros Glamping

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