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Make Sure Event is Unique – Buy These 6 Accessories For Geo Tent Dome


A geo tent dome comes with so many accessories to choose from and design variances that each can look incredibly different. Choosing the right accessories for your dome will make your event as unique as possible.

Planning a tented event involves a lot of work organizing, including tent-style selections, decorations, and what activities will be taking place. Once a tent style has been selected and the event theme has been decided, there are many tent accessories that can be added to enhance the overall look and feel of your outdoor event. With options such as lining and flooring, it’s possible to transform a blank geo tent dome into an extravagant interior space for hosting many different events.

Geo Tent Dome

Top 6 Additional Accessories For Your Geo Tent Dome

  • Fabric Internal Liners

Add a ton of elegance to your event with an internal liner to cover the entire frame of the dome. The liner hides any structural elements of the dome tent while transforming a geodesic dome into an attractive and unique setting for every occasion. There's a wide selection of flame-retardant fabrics in a variety of finishes and colors to choose from.

  • Flooring Systems

A geo tent dome without flooring will feel more outdoors. However, it will catch you off guard when it comes to a sudden rain. A professional flooring system can make your temporary outdoor structure feel both permanent and complete. It's also generally considered to be one of the most commonly requested event dome accessories. It keeps the dome dry, makes the inside of the dome look incredible, and helps to transform your dome into a stunning venue.

  • Lighting Options

The right lighting can help brighten up your next event; whether it is a social celebration, corporate event, product launch, sporting event, festival, stylish concert, or trade show, a perfect glow will set the mood. Lighting comes in all types of designs including general lighting, color-changing LED lights, dancefloor lighting, immersive projection, and much more. It can be adjusted and placed where you desire it to be – and where you need it most to give your space just the style you are looking for. Whether you want bright lights for working or subtle mood lighting for a party, there is an option fit for every event.

  • Windows

Windows plays a key role in the comfortability of your guests. Dome windows can not only add a beautiful decorative look to your tent but also provide more natural light. Each dome window (round window, bay window, skylight roof) is used often to protect your outdoor event against wind, rain, or other outdoor elements while offering intimacy with nature.

  • Climate Control

Climate control is essential for ensuring the comfortability of all guests. As you may hold outdoor events throughout the year and not just on perfect weather days. A portable dome tent can come with HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units to create your desired environment. 

  • Branded Cover

Geodesic dome structure cover may be a fantastic advertising platform. The branded cover can create a dramatic impression for your guests and can turn your blank cover into the next icon.

There are accessories for every event and every industry. Whatever interiors and accessories you require for your dome-shaped structure, we can probably provide them to match your vision as much as possible. Browse the options and adjust the dome accessories according to your needs.

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