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How to Start a Geodesic Dome Airbnb by Geodesic Dome Tents?


Start an Airbnb, Share the Living Space and Locally Experience!

Airbnb is a service-oriented website that connects travelers and homeowners with vacant homes. It provides users with a variety of accommodation information. If you have free resources to rent, you can increase the utilization of idle resources to get the most benefit. Now, more and more homeowners who own idle land or departments want to be Airbnb providers. At the same time, the tourists desire to have a unique travel experience with local characteristics. How to be an Airbnb provider with an idle space? Continue reading! 

As a fresh Airbnb provider, do you start brainstorming about the type of living space supplied to travelers? There are so many tent designs for eco-resorts like yurts, chalets, canvas tents, and more. However, such kind of design has a normal problem, too difficult to build up.

Open Your Airbnb Rentals Quickly!

The geodesic dome is designed into modular construction which is easy to assemble. Pack the tubes which are of the same length will help you to classify the frame easily. Also, the building manual will be included in the glamping dome package.

For example, 2 adults can finish the frame and covered PVC membrane installation in 2 hours.

Freestand Interior Space

Spherical construction creates an open interior space without any poles. The whole dome house can be arranged depending on your wishes. For example, our standard glamping dome in Dia. 6m (around 28 sqm) can hold one king-sized bed, a set of nightstands, a table, chairs, and bathroom facilities.

Start an Airbnb

4 Seasons Supply

Some Airbnb providers are worried the campsite is open for 3 – 4 months only during high seasons which limits the income stream. Especially in Winter, the interior space is too cold to live. The geodesic dome tent makes it easy to add a temperature-insulation layer to create a comfortable space for travelers. In addition, a chimney also can be set inside the dome. From now on, your rental business could last 12 months!

Our clients, a lovely couple who is an experienced Airbnb provider from New Zealand have already bought our geodesic dome tent to increase the open month of their campsite.

“They love the geodomes! It’s a lovely space to be in!” our client Patrick said.

“Valley View is known for their Lotus Bell glamping tents, but the recent addition of geodesic domes caught my attention, and I had to find out more…” Comment from one of the traveler.

Start an Airbnb

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