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How to Get Geodesic Dome Camps – 2022 Version and Beyond


Glamping has been increasingly popular. We’ve seen a shift from campers to glampers, with 36% of campers taking their first glamping vacation in 2021 and 50% of campers seeking a glamping experience in 2022 (Data from 2022 North American Camping Report). The unique accommodation experience of glamping camp such as dome campsite tends to make the site a local hotspot. Meanwhile, an increasing number of camps have started to make the transition from traditional seasonal campgrounds with bell tents to all-seasonal campsites featuring geodesic dome tents to meet the higher demand for glamping while raising the ROI of the campsites.Get attracted to the geodesic dome aesthetics and its business potential, but not sure how to take the first step to get a geodome campsite? The following five steps may give you some idea of how to build your own dome home.

STEP 1: Do the Preliminary Research about Dome Campsite

Let’s start with basic knowledge about glamping domes. Shelter Dome is the perfect starting point. There you will find an extensive library of illustrated articles, frequently asked questions, outdoor accommodation solutions, previous cases, as well as catalogs of products.
Of course, you can also consult the relevant materials to get further information about the geodome and explore more possibilities, such as Geodesic Math and How to Use It.

STEP 2: Select a Proper Site for Your Dome(s)

Although the dome tent is wind, water, sun and shock resistant to almost any weather and location, it is necessary to choose the right location. Let’s put more focus on the scenery. The glamping dome connects the outdoor environment with the indoor space, providing people inside with a fresh, exploratory perspective. Meadows, forests, seasides, farms and villages may be good choices, while deserts, mountains or bamboo forests may also give surprises. It’s even more attractive if your chosen location has fabulous views or adventure events.

STEP 3: Obtain a Building Permit for Your Camp

Whether a permit is required to build a dome house varies from country to country and region to region. Especially in some areas, almost everything related to construction requires specific inspections and approvals. Shelter Dome suggests that you list the inspections you will need, the cost, the required time, the procedure, and the approval signatures required for each inspection.

Geodesic Dome Campsite

STEP 4: Plan and Design Your Dome Campsite

Next, it comes to the most important step: selecting and purchasing the glamping dome of the appropriate size, planning its use, and then doing the design of the interior and exterior. Also, you can check with our geodesic dome calculation section. Whether the dome is used as an alternative accommodation option or as a social space, it is important to note that the indoor and outdoor design should match the original usage of the dome home. This is why Shelter Dome recommends that the house dome planning and designing can be carried out together. Our previous cases may give a little inspiration on how to plan your geodome campsite.

Regardless of which design option you choose, your full set of plans should include drawings of the dome structure, as well as drawings of the plumbing, wiring, and interior framing. You may also be required to have your drawings stamped by a state-registered engineer according to the regional regulation.

STEP 5: Hire a Contractor or be Your Own Dome House Builder

The dome tent structure is simple to install and has much lower equipment and labor costs than traditional construction. Due to time and labor considerations, you still have the option of hiring a trusted contractor to build your dome camp for you. For large dome construction, Shelter Dome sends engineers to provide on-site guidance and assistance. Don’t hesitate to start your first build! With standardized guidance, you may find constructing a glamping dome as easy and fun as putting together Lego pieces.

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