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Start A Glamping Adventure with Glamp Dome On The Coast


Increasing nature lovers start their Geodesic Dome Glamping Adventure with Shelter Dome in the prairie, desert, forest, island, and mountain. This time, Shelter Dome built glamping domes in South Asia and let nature lovers enjoy the gorgeous sea view.

A resort wanted to upgrade the living experience for the guests by the seaside and turned to Shelter Dome. Later, Shelter Dome fulfilled the requirement by providing custom-made glamping domes.

The best thing about living in glamping domes located on the coastline is easily overlooking the sea anytime you want. Also, it provides an unforgettable experience of enjoying the sea view in a tranquil vibe rather than in the crowd.

Indeed, the beach is not only a great place to relax but also the best place to enjoy the sunset. Seaside is an especially popular location to capture unique nature shots because it shows fantastic reflection when the sun sets. Consequently, you can snap some fantastic photos of the sunset and post it up on Instagram without using any filters.

In this project, Shelter Dome equipped all glamping domes with custom-made bay windows. There are two great benefits by using the bay window in glamping dome. Firstly, it has the capacity of letting in natural light, which is good for health as well as saves electricity.

Secondly, it takes advantage of expanding views. Geodesic Domes with bay window can be the first choice while looking for a quiet spot to enjoy sunrise and sunset. What’s more, through the bay window, guests can enjoy the sea view while laying on the bed. Still, guests don’t need to worry about privacy because a set of the curtain is provided.

Indeed, glamping domes located in easily-accessible beachfront appeal to travelers seeking a luxury getaway. Not only the gorgeous view but also the comfort will definitely exceed expectations. Because dwell domes provided by Shelter Dome have all the modern comforts one would expect from the hotel.

The glamping domes differentiate itself from other beach tents by providing great comfort for the guests. Eco-living Domes are fully equipped with a combination of a living room and bedroom, king-sized bed, a flat-screen TV and luxe bathroom.

After spending a night in such a comfortable place, you will definitely love another Geodesic Dome Glamping experience.

In the daytime, the temperature can be rather high in South Asia. However, as the night falls, the temperature near the coast would go down quickly.

To solve this problem, Shelter Dome provides the insulation layer to create a comfortable environment inside. High-performed insulation layer keeps the temperature inside the glamping dome lower than outside when it is rather hot. On the other hand, it can keep inside warmer when it is cold outside.

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