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What Makes the Quality of the Geodesic Sphere & Geodome Structure


Before choosing and buying the geodesic sphere, it is necessary to understand the principles behind the geodome structure. What determines the quality of a dome? How to select the right dome to ensure it is both secure and space-efficient for accommodation or event use? This is where you will get the answers.

What makes the geodesic sphere strong?

The magic of the geodesic sphere dome is in its very structure. If you are interested in geodomes, you may have heard of Buckminster Fuller, commonly recognized as the father of the modern geodesic dome. Fuller proved that the triangle was stiff and twice as strong as the unstable rectangle. He also found that a sphere made of triangles has extraordinary strength. Those findings gave birth to the geodesic dome composed of inter-connected triangles, which is afterward regarded as a strong and efficient way of enclosing space.


R. Buckminster Fuller, "Design: The Dymaxion American," Time, January 10, 1964.

What defines whether the quality of the geodesic sphere is good or bad?

The keys are hidden in the product details. With so many options to choose from in the whole dome market, you can first inspect the spherical structure sample, then consider the following factors and make your final decision.

Dome structure

The geodesic sphere dome structure frame is the core. Geodesic sphere domea of high quality are constructed of quality materials. The powder-coating steel frame guarantees its hard-pressed and rustproof features. You can also determine the quality by checking the framework's thickness and its ability to withstand wind and snow loads. For example, the structure frame that SHELTER DOME offers can bear the wind and snow load up to 120km/h (74.5mph) and 0.5kn/㎡ (51kg/㎡).

Cover membrane 

The cover membrane made of PVC coated polyester fabric is another important factor when it comes to the quality of dome homes. You may notice when comparing product images of previous cases from different suppliers, some of the dome's cover membranes are very compact and visually aesthetically pleasing, while others are wrinkled. Such details can give you an idea of the difference in the overall quality of the product even without further consultation.

Insulation layer 

Insulation is the key to controlling the indoor temperature of the dome and creating a comfortable living environment. Moreover, it is an important part of interior decoration. Consult your potential supplier to select the most suitable thickness and material of insulation wool (canvas, linen, jersey and etc.) Ask for detailed images or videos for your reference.Curtain kits

You can easily tell if you have chosen a reliable supplier by the quality of accessories such as curtain kits. Well-textured curtains and smooth curtain tracks take the whole geodesic sphere up a level.

Doors and windows 

Just like any building, doors and windows are necessary. You can either arrange these parts all by yourself or you can choose to have the dome supplier recommend and deliver the door(s) and the window(s) for you. If you choose the latter option, make sure to check in advance it’s reliable. The glass or wooden door can be more solid and as for the window (bay window, skylight, openable glass window…), remember to verify if it is well sealed. 

You may take a look at the catalog to see what options are available to you.AccessoriesVarious accessories enable more functions for the sphere structures. Even the smallest accessories should have standardized parameters and certification. Discuss the details with the supplier before you make your choice.

Is there anything else I should know before contacting the dome supplier?

Apart from the products and accessories, you can learn more about this potential supplier by reviewing their case studies and previous projects. When you observe that a dome supplier has experience in doing large-scale projects and has received good feedback, it indicates that this supplier is able to provide relatively good support in terms of capacity.

In addition, you can check the social media pages to get more information about this company. With everybody accessing social media today, you may find it easier to reach the suppliers you want to contact and get your questions answered through social media channels.


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