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Geometric Dome—the Ever-changing Spirit of the Outdoors


Geometric Dome Tents: A Versatile Choice for Diverse Campers

More than half of new campers are more diverse and numbers have increased significantly since the coronavirus pandemic began.
But in many cases these guests cannot be converted into long-term customer traffic independently. Especially after more than three years of lockdown, the camping market is in urgent need of stimulating consumer spending.

However, thankfully, in the past three years, this group of urban residents has not only chosen to start camping in increasing numbers, but has also shown a growing trend and plans to become a reliable passenger flow group in the next few years. Alleviating the downturn in the camping market in the future.

Last year, one out of every three new campers in the United States was between the ages of 18 and 25.
Likewise, four out of ten camping families include Hispanic, black, Asian, or other individuals.

This group of young, energetic, spending-power, people from different backgrounds and cultures also have different views on camping tents, and will play a key role in the future sales of camping tents!
From this point of view, the geometric dome tent can be called a versatile elf in the outdoors!

The concept of geometric dome:

A dome structure is an architectural form composed of a series of curved surfaces, usually in the form of a sphere, hemisphere, or oblate spheroids. Its basic concepts include: circle center, radius height, surface area, etc.

The stress characteristics of the dome structure:

1. Strong stability
Due to the symmetry and continuity of the dome structure, it has strong stability. At the same time, because the curved surface itself has good compressive resistance and stiffness, when it is subjected to external loads, it can effectively disperse the load and absorb the load through bending deformation.

2. Large carrying capacity
Dome structures have a greater load-bearing capacity than other building forms. This is mainly because the load it bears can be dispersed and absorbed by the internal stress generated by the surface itself. At the same time, during the design and construction process, its load-bearing capacity can be enhanced by increasing the thickness and quantity of materials.

In terms of structure and appearance, it can withstand young friends taking their tents to any harsh environment. For those who like adventure and pursue excitement, the geometric dome is a cost-effective choice.


Basic information about geometric dome tents:

The size of the PVDF tarpaulin dome can be customized according to user needs. The general diameter is 6M-12M, which is suitable for various occasions. , the number of people that can be accommodated is calculated based on the area of the tent, usually between 30 and 120 people.

Multifunctional modular design saves space inside the tent and beautifies the layout.
The combination of internal modules and geometric patterns also adds a bit of rationality and cool beauty.

Therefore, judging from the appearance, stability, safety, and variability of the tent, there is no doubt that the geometric dome tent is more popular among young people and people with different aesthetics in different regions.

The prospect of geometric domes in the camping market that will gradually return in the future is also very promising!

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