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Why are Glamper Accessories So Essential to Geo Dome?


Enhance Your Camping Experience with Glamper Accessories from Shelter Dome

For camping enthusiasts and all outdoor sports people, preparing a tent is essential.
Usually, newly purchased tents are usually equipped with basic tent accessories, such as tent poles, ground pegs, tent ropes, etc. These are familiar to us, and there are some we don’t know. Let’s take a look together to be prepared.

Take the Glamper accessories used by SHELTER DOME as an example. The accessories are well made and their quality and practicality can be guaranteed.

The main accessories are as follows:

1. Powder-coated steel frame: hard pressed, rust-proof, beautiful and elegant;
2. Maximum wind/snow load: Wind load: 120km/h (74.5mph); Snow load: 0.5kn/m² (51kg/m²)
3. Wooden plastic door: environmentally friendly material, with a viewing window at the entrance, open to the outside; durable, moisture-proof, low maintenance;
4. Magnetic screen door: High-density anti-mosquito net magnetic screen door, which can prevent insects from entering your dome home, and the screen automatically opens and closes;
5. Modular deck: Use a minimum number of prefabricated modular components; avoid expensive architectural design work; avoid on-site custom manufacturing and cutting to size; highly adaptable to various terrains and highly adjustable.

It can be seen that Shelter Dome's tents can be made well. Glamper accessories not only guarantee the quality and comfort of the tent, but also improve the user's convenience and experience, which directly determines the success or failure of a tent in actual use.

Shelter Dome and Glamper accessories complement each other. The design of the dome house is the free soul of SHELTER DOME, and Glamper accessories give wings to the freedom of the soul.
Similarly, in any tool or industrial product, accessories have an indispensable position and are the most important part of a complete item.

Without these accessories, which can be as large as a board or as small as a nail, the item will not function properly.

Glamping Unplugged

The rise and impact of luxury camping

In the past, campers were proud of their "back to nature" activities. When they went camping, they only brought basic cooking and toiletries, slept in the wild, and lived a simple life.

Nowadays, the way of camping seems to have changed. You can enjoy the luxury of a four-star hotel while breathing fresh air in the wild.

Shelter Dome is a pioneer in luxury camping, improving campers' quality of life and camping style with various dome tents.

In November 2020, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled “Camping Gets More High-end During the Epidemic.” The article "Camping Goes Upscale During Covid-19. Way Upscale." mentioned that wild luxury camping camps have emerged in many states in the United States after the epidemic, including luxury camping operated by major US campground developers and operators. The project also includes a wild luxury camping tent outside a hotel converted from a container on Governors Island, a branch island in New York - visitors can enjoy the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline nearby.

These projects can meet the needs of sophisticated campers with their bags. After the epidemic, some middle-class Americans want a safer way to travel, but they “don’t want to sleep on the ground.”

To sum up, human nature is to pursue material things and enjoyment. Therefore, when using products to serve customers, no small accessory can be careless. It will be the "backbone" that supports a tent.

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