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The Charm of A Family-Style Glamping Dome Home


Glamping Dome Home: A Family Adventure in Nature | Shelter Dome


An intimate encounter with nature

When it comes to spending quality time with your family and exploring the great outdoors, family tent becomes an indispensable partner. These domes not only provide shelter, but also a home away from home, bringing unforgettable memories to the explorer family.

Glamping dome home creates a comfortable space in the wilderness, making appropriate amendments to the modern lifestyle that is "glamorous and divorced from nature." Wilderness is an unadorned existence, the truest portrayal of nature, a world full of challenges and unknowns, and the place that gives life its deepest meaning.

The vacation of choice to create precious memories

At the same time, the wild scenery brings people the most original natural experience, returning to the initial relationship between people and the outdoor beauty. View "outdoor" as an aesthetic proposition beyond function, walk into glamping dome home with a mood of symbiosis with nature, and compose a story line of feeling nature in the wilderness.

Whether you're camping in the countryside, camping by the lake, or vacationing in the mountains, family tents offer comfort and convenience. They are not only a simple shelter from the wind, but also a starting point for adventure, a unique vacation experience, and a place to create precious memories.

glamgping dome home in a dense forest

What are the types of family tents?

When talking about family tents, the market covers a variety of styles and designs to meet the needs and preferences of various families. The flexibility of the design is injected into the dome tent structure, which is originally the most "WTO" building type, and gives the space a new sublimation with an inclusive shelter. Like the micro-landscape growing in the mountains, it forms a soft transition between the building and the city, which is not only a visual communication, but also an existence of ideas.

1. Traditional tent:

Traditional tents are one of the most common types of family tents. Either triangular or dome-shaped, the interior space is supported by poles, and the top of the tent is covered with fabrics such as canvas or polyester. Because of its simple structure, traditional tents are easy to set up.

2. Tent truck:

Tent vans are typically mounted on the top or back of SUVs, campervans, or trucks, combining a camping tent with a family vehicle. The design is highly innovative in terms of shape, size and materials. The car is covered by a camping canopy, like a second skin, which perfectly fits the curves and undulations of the car, but also provides extra height and space for outdoor event.

3. Glamping dome home:

Glamping dome home is a geodesic dome tent installed on a platform at a certain height from the ground, which is a kind of luxury dome tent. Glamping dome homes stand out from the glamping world as symbol of tents dedicated to providing guests with a wealth of entertainment and adventure facilities. 

These yurts offer spacious interior Spaces with soft bedroom and living room areas, and are equipped with luxurious interior furniture and a variety of amenities for family members to enjoy more convenience and comfort. The bottom of the luxury glamping dome home has a protective wood platform to prevent wet and uneven ground from affecting indoor comfort. Glamping dome homes show a very different shift, but not away from glamping's previous theme: close to nature.

A highly successful glamping dome home must be built without losing its original character, while improving on aesthetics, sustainability and service. These different types of family tents offer families a variety of options to suit their needs and preferences. 

outdoor dome living

Why choose glamping dome home?

Making the most of the beautiful surroundings was a key point in the design - the whole complex was integrated in a harmonious manner. Choosing a glamping dome home means choosing a unique way to spend quality time with your family. In family events and vacations, they bring a range of advantages.

1. Get close to nature

Glamping dome home places home users in nature, whether at the foot of a mountain, beside a lake or in a forest, where they can feel the beauty of nature. Wake up in the morning, lying in a comfortable bed to enjoy the magnificent sunrise; At night you can look up at the stars. Listen to the sounds of nature, feel the breeze on your skin, and reconnect with nature. 

The dome tent as a whole is covered by a large coating, and the interior spaces are connected by fully covered or semi-open corridors under the roof. The gallery space can normally be used as a covered terrace, which is a transitional space to communicate the indoor and outdoor environment, bringing guests a true immersion in nature experience.

2. Create precious memories

Glamping dome home aims to add new spaces and functions to the existing dome tents, especially to create play areas for younger guests, while also providing an opportunity for their parents to relax. Sharing stories around the campfire, roasting marshmallows together, and playing outdoor games are moments that will become part of the family heritage.

Therefore, choosing a glamping dome home is not only a way to spend a holiday, but also an ideal choice to spend quality time with your family, get close to nature and create precious memories. These glamping dome homes offer a unique opportunity for home users to enjoy together the most important things in life: each other's company and those special moments.


The more "rough" the site, the more likely it is to burst into vitality and create a cohesive relationship. Yearning for the outdoors, returning to the primitive, returning to nature, forgetting identity, forgetting experience, encountering discomfort in nature, maintaining a dull sense by experiencing discomfort and thus finding true comfort. Throw away the exquisite mediocrity, replace it with the "nameless" design freedom, break the barrier of grade and cognition, and "break the circle" business also gets the power of linking people in the cross-screen resonance.

triangle dome structure

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