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Glamping Dome: The Right Structure for Eco Tourism


The eco structures appear to be a form of tent dropped over a dome made out of pipes are for health resort. If you are inclined to look for alternative structures for your glamping business, you may wonder what such a glamping dome tent is good for and why it’s such a popular trend. Read on to find out!

What Are Glamping Domes and What Are Their Uses?

They are elegant, portable, and durable geodesic dome structures for glamping purposes. In SHELTER DOME, the glamping domes with a 1/3 or 1/2 panoramic bay window are available in sizes ranging from 4 meters to 10 meters in diameter. You can create a remarkable eco destination with these unique and luxurious guest accommodations and give your visitors a 5-star glamping experience. Besides being a guest accommodation, the glamping dome is also applicable to school camps, remote and regional housing, garden studios, mining and resources, etc.

Who Are Right For The Geodesic Glamping Tents?

Glamping domes may be a perfect solution for owners of eco hotels, remote campsites, beach resorts, desert resorts, jungle forests, vineyards, and ski resorts. It's also a good idea if you’re the type of person who wishes to make an outdoor living.

Why Are Glamping Domes Are So Much Popular?

● FAST ROI. Besides taking your glamping business to another level with unique and affordable eco domes for glamping, you can get a fast return on investment. Because the price is affordable and the assembly time is fast, the costs of purchasing and installing a geodesic dome for glamping are typically recouped in as little as one season. Eco dome glamping from SHELTER DOME can be installed repeatedly and lasts 10+ years, ensuring your return on investment for years to come.

ECO FRIENDLY. Geodesic glamping structures can be built almost any location with minimal impact to the surrounding environment. Even in a remote area, you can provide your guests the comforts of home in a small dome space.

ENERGY EFFICIENT. With the dome-shaped design, dome tent glamping allows for effective air movement and constant temperatures, maximising the sun’s light and warmth meanwhile reducing cooling and heating costs.

Glamping Dome

QUICK & EASY. The geodesic glamping pods are designed to be easily assembled by the purchaser. Normally, a 5 - 6 meter tiny dome house can be built by 2 people within 2 hours, whether you're a new or an experienced DIY handyman. You can also use this article as a reference for the dome installation.

TESTED FOR SAFETY. The dome-shaped structures can easily hold heavy snow loads exceeding 0.03 kn/m2, and handle high winds of up to 75 mph. The structural working temperature is from -30 ℃ to +70 ℃.

Glamping Dome

MADE FOR YOU. The open floor plan and high ceilings of the geodesic dome create a beautiful space for interior design. You can add on a cozy bed, kitchenette, separate bathroom, and an extra decking or complete the interior design your way. You can also upgrade your outdoor adventure domes with the following optional accessories:

1. Door: Each glamping dome comes standard with one circular entry. The eco dome can be installed with zip doors, solid doors, aluminum doors, single- or double-wing glass doors, or individual-design doors in any shape.
2. Floor System: There are two types of floor systems for quick and easy installation: cassette floor and wooden floor. The floor sections can be moved independently and can fit any size of the dome tent.
3. Insulation: We provide an insulative liner to achieve a good level of temperature control.
4. Ventilation: You can equip your eco living dome with an optional stove vent flashing and cap for wood stove installation, or you can order screen “roll up” windows so that you can let light and fresh air in. The amount of ventilation hatches depends on dome sizes. Depending on your desires, it’s also possible to set the automated ventilation system (heating or cooling) for your tiny dome home.
5. Curtains: Tailored curtains can be added to block out any sunlight or have privacy.

What Types Of Glamping Domes Are Available?

SHELTER DOME provides cost-effective and quality fabric domes and glass domes for glamping. Each geodesic glamping pod can be anchored to a wooden platform offering a furnished terrace in which to enjoy the views beyond.

1. Fabric Dome frame is constructed of a strong, long-lasting, galvanized steel pipe Q235 and powder-coated (optionally). It's durable enough to attach additional equipment like curtains, linings, lighting, etc. directly to the structure of the dome. The covering is highly durable, made of polyester fabric with B1 fire resistance certifications, which is UV-stabilized and easy to keep clean. A fabric-covered glamping pod optionally comes with a customizable opaque/ translucent cover with a round, smaller transparent bay window. The membranes are available in a variety of colors.

2. Polycarbonate/ Glass Dome for glamping is made of aluminum alloy T6061/ T6. The relatively lightweight self-supporting structure provides a safe space in any climate conditions and a much longer lifespan (up to 20 years). Covered with polycarbonate/ glass panel thickness of 5mm, this igloo structure, allowing natural light to shine through, has a good performance in light transmission.

Now you should know that why glamping dome is such a popular trend for eco-tourism/resorts/hotels. They can custom-make and place the windows, skylights, and doors to meet your needs. They are portable, relocatable, and can be erected seasonally or kept up year-round. They're also waterproof, UV-protected, and fire retardant to NFPA 701, allowing your guests to stay in an environmentally friendly and safe space. With all these benefits, why not make your resort or retreat unique with dome tent glamping? You can offer an unforgettable dome experience with minimal cost for your guests!

Glamping Dome

So How To Order Such An Appealing Structure from SHELTER DOME?

1. Choose your preferred style and dome size on your request;
2. Consider your need for extra features, such as a separate bathroom or shower facilities, an extra wooden deck, insulation on your dome cover etc.;
3. Tell us where you are planning the process for your facilities and business so that our experienced team can provide project management service for you.

And How Will We Help You Get Your Project Off The Ground?

Glamping Dome

● 3D Mock-Up Design Service (Both External and Internal Design). Our team will discuss your project with you and provide you with the advice you require to make your project a reality!

● Installation Help. We provide not only online help (installation guidance) but also on-site help. We will send our project manager and engineer to help you install if needed.

● After Sales Support. Each geodesic dome frame comes with a ten-year warranty and the cover comes with a three-year warranty. Not include man-made damage.

We understand each and every client is different. We also like to try more different to suit your requirements.
If you have any questions about our glamping domes be sure to ask in the comments or send us a message for the discussion.

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