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Is Choosing a Geodesic Glamping Dome a Luxurious Option?


Indulge in opulent camping with luxury domes at Amanwana, Paws Up, or Asilia Highlands. Tailored to your comfort, these domes offer a serene retreat amid nature's grandeur.

Camping is a favorite form of travel and leisure for some outdoor sports enthusiasts. There are many camping methods and locations to choose from. Now let’s take a look at some tips for luxury camping.

Luxury camping location options

1. Amanwana:This tropical paradise set up as a nature reserve by the Indonesian government in 1976, makes us feel like we are on a rainforest adventure. There are many kinds of flora and fauna on the island, which is a living dictionary of ecological protection.
2. Paws Up: Resort takes us to experience the real western ranch life. 37,000 acres of vast land in the mountains and valleys.
3. Asilia:Highlands is more exciting. Under the sun, lions hunt for prey; under the moon, torches sway among the trees and indigenous people dance gracefully. The bright sunshine shines through the leaves, and the chirping of birds and insects intertwines into music. The feeling of being one with nature is amazing. The tour guide will take you to explore the mysteries of the rainforest. After a day of playing, you can return to your tent, soak in the hot spring pool, and watch the volcanic lava flashing in the night as if you have entered a fairy tale world.

geodome glamping

The main choices for luxury dome tents are material, structure, practicality and length of use.

There are four main materials: PVC dome, PVDF tarpaulin dome, glass geodesic dome, and transparent film dome, which can be selected according to the environment and needs.

Each tent has a height ranging from 5M to 10M, and the floor area depends on the specific height of the tent. Usually, a tent can accommodate several to dozens of people.
According to the actual space selection, the interior of the tent is extremely flexible and can meet most living needs.

The tent is generally equipped with exhaust caps, triangular vents, exhaust windows, doors, solar electric fans, panoramic glass windows, furnace jackets, magnetic screens, and a double-track system.
After the specifications are determined, two workers can install the above items within 24 hours. As long as you make a request, you can enjoy personal customization and check-in with your luggage at any time.

Duration of use:
The specific camping time is selected according to the needs. Generally, a week to a few months can ensure the normal service life of the tent under natural conditions. If there is an emergency, workers can also be contacted for on-site maintenance without worries.

Luxury Camping

Every tent is the home for everyone who participates in outdoor camping activities and is their safest place. Facing the uncertainty of nature, everyone marvels at the ease and beauty of the natural scenery while fearing its vagaries. 

Therefore, no matter where, a tent can withstand most unstable factors, and a luxurious and beautiful tent , it will add a lot of beauty to the practicality, just like a beautifully decorated house, bringing a more pleasant experience to the journey.

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