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Home Domes—Feeling at Home Feel at Home No Matter Where You Go


During a pleasant and tiring journey, people often mentally need to appreciate the natural scenery, but physically as time goes by, they want to experience the warmth and comfort of home more and more.

A home dome tent can perfectly meet most people's home needs.
After all, camping in a traditional tent allows you to escape the city and get closer to nature, while being more physically exhausted in exchange.

A dome tent allows you to do this with more luxury and comfort without sacrificing too much money or worrying too much about service issues.

I believe that everyone should be willing to take time to slow down and escape from reality, but the more physically and mentally uncomfortable they are, the more they long for a little bit of power from the outside world to help them escape from embarrassment. But people always enjoy the comfort of life the most.

home domes

Principles of home domes

Custom Geodesic Dome Homes, We build affordable "out of the box" geodesic dome homes that are the most powerful housing option available!The geodesic dome house, which blocks snow, wind, and rain, is the finest design in architecture and the strongest structure known to man. Insulation, wood stoves and climate control options make them great homes for all seasons.

By building a simple eco-dome and utilizing subtle creative blueprints, we can all build a home that truly supports the soul and its development. These dome dwellings nourish and realign our natural environment, allowing us to experience the harmonious state of nature in our daily lives.

Elegance is the eternal pursuit

Go into forests, meadows, streams, mountains, and anywhere away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Set up a tent, sleep on fallen leaves, sit quietly, fish, or brag with friends where you can smell the fragrance of grass.
Being away from the world and finding yourself in solitude, you can enjoy yourself.
Catch a fish and make a pot of coffee. This kind of impromptu camping in a natural mountain stream or countryside is a short and free breath.

Think of it as a night at home, watching the sunset by the window, turning on the projector, hanging a lantern, and getting tipsy with a few glasses of wine. It can also be regarded as a "staycation camping".

Why Domes are the Best Glamping Tents

We should take our lives outdoors, brew a pot of coffee slowly on a lounge chair, and read a book of poetry;We played the guitar in the wind of the valley and played the melody of nature;
We talked and laughed around the campfire in the evening, and even danced when we felt like it.

At this moment, when we raise our heads and see the stars, we are all children of nature at this moment. Home dome tents also find a sense of belonging for people who love mountains and wilderness at this moment, which is a necessary condition for the existence of home domes.
Set up camp and enjoy the natural scenery, the home dome can give you a natural and primitive home experience.

Open the tent door and you can embrace the whole nature.
Exquisiteness is always just the infinite love for life and the endless pursuit of beauty.

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