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How to start a glamping business?Curious about glamping business plan?


1. Introducion

Global camping market is spanning steadily during Post-pandemic period, bringing new commercial opportunities for those who take on outdoor commercial business. Among which, hotel glamping, would be a good choice for you if you want to join in this track and extend your blueprint. In this passage, we are going to discuss ‘How to start a glamping business’, especially one for hotel glamping. Hope the content would be of good use to you.

2. Different Types of Glamping Business:

For Tourism and Education:

Numerous premium resorts have embraced glamping as part of their suite of services to offer patrons a distinctive and immersive escapade in the wild while retaining a sense of comfort. What’s more, hotel glamping often underscores sustainability and eco-awareness, making it appealing for hotels to serve the environmentally mindful traveler. Compared with traditional hotel business, glamping undoubtedly would be a good selling point which would play a role in attracting more tourists in the future, bringing economic growth to glamping tourism as well as hotel business.

Meanwhile, large amount of study groups in recent years have also contributed greatly to the growth of glamping business, which contain jungle adventures, outdoor teaching and some other educational activities. This shows positive prospective in education path of glamping.

For Natural Reserves and Wilderness Locales:

Glamping venues near natural reserves and untamed wilderness attract adventure enthusiasts desiring to delve into nature without forgoing comfort. Here, the types of glamping tents used are typically designed to blend seamlessly with the environment. As for tent choices for these situations, we usually apply tree houses perched high and geodesic domes which could offer panoramic views of the surrounding scenery. These structures are engineered for minimal environmental impact, often using sustainable materials and incorporating green technologies such as solar power. In these areas, hotel glamping serves dual functions of both providing outdoorers with immersive nature experiences and promoting environmental conservation efforts.

Hotel Glamping Dome

For Wildlife Retreats:

In some regions abundant in wildlife such as Africa, safari lodges and tented abodes are good places to go on wildlife adventures.These glampsites are one type of glamping business which capitalizes on guests’ desires to connect with wildlife in a respectful and non-intrusive manner, usually it’s especially popular among the wildness enthusiasts. Luxurious canvas bell tents with viewing decks or elevated cabins with floor-to-ceiling windows allow outdoorers to observe wildlife in their natural habitat. These hotel glamping accommodations are usually equipped with amenities like guided tours, wildlife photography workshops, and educational talks, enhancing the guests’ awareness for wildlife protection.

3. Preparation for Starting Glamping Businesses:

If you want to start one, how can you prepare for these diverse hotel glamping businesses? Usually the following works are required:

glamping business
Dia.8m PC Dome Building

① Market Research and Feasibility Study

Aiming at handling the first-hand information of the preference of target clientele, meticulous site selection, and the development of an accommodation style that fits the surrounding environment, doing some targeted market research in advance is necessary, assessing competition while finding your selling point ascending competitors. Then you can develop a comprehensive plan that outlines your goals, budgets, strategy and so on. What’s more, don’t ignore to obtain necessary permits or licenses or consider liability insurance to protect your business.

② Types Selection

Make sure that you’ve preserved leeway to decorate your glampsites to fit in different types of specific occasions latter on before you deciding the interior decoration and decide on the types of accommodations you’ll offer, such as safari tents, yurts, cabins or treehouses.

③ Branding, Marketing and Systems Design

Develop a strong brand identity and logo, create a user-friendly website and leverage online marketing channels such as social media to showcase your unique glamping experience as well as complete services. To increase exposure, you could also consider partnerships with travel agencies and local tourism boards. Designing booking and reservation system helps you to maintain customers flow.

④ Other Detailed Work

Staffing and continuously monitor your business’s performance and adapt your strategies as needed. Ensure sustainability and securing partnerships with local conservation efforts, so that you can significantly strengthen the appeal as well as social responsibility of the hotel glamping business.

4. Advantages of Hotel Glamping in Glamping Business:

Promising Economic efficiency

Usually choosing hotel glamping means a higher ROI. Why? As it is usually accompanied with online booking systems and resort-like experience which means bringing higher occupancy rates and also allowing you to charge premium prices for accommodations. Guests are willing to pay more for the convenience and comfort of glamping experience as well as the longer glamping time while still enjoying the beauty of natural surroundings. This can result in higher average daily rates (ADR) compared to traditional camping or even standard hotel rooms.

Diverse Revenue Stream

Hotel glamping also encourages longer guests stays, which means that it is a good opportunity to offer guests a range of supplementary revenue sources, such as:

Dining options: On-site restaurants, cafes, or room service are novel things for traditional glamping business, and they can generate significant income.

Spa and wellness services: Doesn’t take up too much  space, you can offer services like  massages, yoga sessions, or wellness packages which can also add to your revenue.

Guided tours and activities: Guided hike, outdoor research and jungle adventure are popular projects attracting bunch of guests who are often willing to pay for them. Cooperation with professional organisations ensures you specialized services while added service is what you can provide.

Event hosting: Weddings, corporate retreats, and special events which need some customized factors can provide substantial income.

Merchandise: Opening a store among the hotel tents, selling some branded merchandise and souvenirs can be a lucrative side business.

Scalability and Adaptability

Unlike traditional campgrounds that may close during the offseason, hotel glamping can operate year-round, maximizing revenue potential and reducing the impact of seasonal fluctuations. Hotel glamping business can be scaled up by adding more accommodations, amenities, or expanding to new locations according to the real fluctuation of demands of customers. This scalability can lead to further economic efficiency as you spread fixed costs across a larger customer base. At the same time, hotel glamping needs less capital to operate due to its smaller scale compared with traditional hotel.

5.The Application of Hotel Glamping

Application of hotel glamping is diversed. Common application is special occasions such as: corporate event, vacation spending, educational and environmental initiatives, wellness and health retreat and so on.

6. What we can serve for you

Campsite planning. 

We are devoted to fulfilling distinct visions and according to which put forward tailored design for hotel glamping, from layout and appearance design to operation suggestions we provide one-step service for our partners.


Once the overall plan was finalized, we took into manufacture and delivered an elegant, robust glamping tent for hotel glamping, injecting a unique allure and appeal.


Swift and effortless tents erection for hotel glamping, we assure you a flawless and effective process of tents installation.


7. How to Start a Hotel Glamping Business:

The process of starting a hotel glamping business is basically the same as mentioned above.Crafting a comprehensive business plan that encompasses market research, unique selling propositions, financial forecasts, and an in-depth marketing strategy is crucial. Additionally Hotel Glamping Domes are also vital elements of your service. If you want to fetch some useful information, you could trace back to the paragraph above.

8. Conclusion

Hotel glamping is not only an industry trend, b ut also it is an evolved business model that responds to the call of the modern traveler — a call for the extraordinary outdoor experience and accommodation. It is the harmonious blend of untamed wilderness and the traditional mode of hotel, a fusion that beckons the discerning traveler to indulge in the art of refined camping. For entrepreneurs looking to venture into the glamping business, hotel glamping represents a venture rich with potential and brimming with the promise of growth, sustainability, and unforgettable experiences and you can’t miss this newly emerging opportunity.

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