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How can Modular Dome Homes Create a Sustainable Future of Living?



Modular dome homes have traditionally been used in military and crisis situations with the sole purpose of building functional housing quickly and at low cost. At present, the world is comprehensively advocating energy saving, water saving, land saving and material saving green buildings, aiming at developing the construction industry and protecting the ecological environment at the same time, providing people with comfortable, safe and efficient use of space, and promoting harmonious coexistence with the natural environment. Thanks to the development of technology, modular dome homes adopt a new form language and have been greatly developed to meet the needs of tourist accommodation, temporary homes and holiday homes.

2.The appeal of modular dome homes

Influenced by the modern design ethos, modular dome homes have a minimalist look that combines functionality and visual beauty. The structure of modular dome home is not isolated, it is connected to the original natural elements and the changing weather conditions, warm light colors and the "nest" of the interior space to give people a feeling of comfort.

3.Advantages of modular dome homes

Professionals in the construction industry know that construction is a costly, time-consuming and challenging task. Delays are common, and may be due to excessive formalism, bad weather, or other contingencies, such as inadequate planning or staff shortages. To build to reduce pollution, conserve resources and protect the environment while making a difference, modular dome homes is a solution.

modular dome homes

1/ Efficient modular dome house

Compared to traditional construction, modular dome homes save a lot of labor and building materials. Due to the short construction period, the prefabrication process of the dome members and the erection of the shell steel structure can be carried out simultaneously and then assembled on the construction site.

Thanks to the modular way of construction, the dome facade is easy to disassemble and manage, an advantage that is especially made possible by the possibility of future permanent use of modular dome homes when their temporary use period ends.

Highly accurate prefabricated units allow for zero construction waste during installation.

2/ Light and flexible modular dome house

Modular dome homes are extremely lightweight and can be transported directly by crane, which further broadens the possibilities and diversity of modular dome homes. With an elevated foundation platform, the structure can be placed anywhere without fear of land use.

4.A successful case study of modular dome homes

Willmount's Dome Camp in India installed nine glamping domes in just one month.

Modular dome homes, together with the site's original primitive-style huts, form the core accommodation complex, designed to provide visitors with a space dedicated to reflection, recharging and relaxation. Carrara's resorts are spread across different terrains in high-altitude valleys, virgin forests and waterfront, allowing for a rich variety of outdoor experiences.

While glamping dome typically consist of juxtaposed units, Willmount's Dome Camp enables the possibility of new Spaces through customization. A modular layout with facilities and fixed functions.


The construction industry is increasingly influenced by efficiency and profitability. Our city is dominated by "international style" buildings with reinforced concrete structures and glass facades. These buildings are easy to build and can be truly profitable. But, like replicas of replicas of replicas, they make cities all over the world look alike. Whether in New York, Vancouver, London or Rio, glass towers make our cities look so much alike.

Modular dome homes represented a whole new way of thinking and set off a new trend in the field of architectural design. With the growing popularity of modular dome homes, we usher in a creative and sustainable future. This is not only a form of housing, but also a symbol of a way of life.

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