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How should the catering business and coronavirus coexist?


Many catering businesses have been hit hard by the Coronavirus. And the social distancing guidelines have forced the catering business to make a change and adapt to this difficult time. But how to do? It became a thorny problem that how to make a change with low cost in a short time.

Maybe this text can provide you with the inspiration to solve the problem. Many restaurant owners think that the best way to make the catering not violate the social distance rules is that one room is only with one table. Yes, it is correct. But why not any of the catering owners can achieve it? It is because generally, the restaurants have not many rooms. And it is difficult for the owners to build up rooms with concrete in a short time.

I think the dome tent will be of great help to you, like this project in Malaysia. The dome tent can satisfy all demands of upgrading the restaurant or café. It can offer every table an independence space. Besides, it can be installed in a day and can put into use immediately. It means your business can resume operations quickly like the past time.

A small investment for big returns. The installation of the igloo tent will not destroy the original structure of your restaurant. After the virus is eliminated, you can disassemble them easily. And get your restaurant back to its original condition.

The dome also can be the secret weapon of improving competitiveness and defeating competitors. The safety and the unique design of the dome can improve the guest’s traffic and make your store become a local hot restaurant. Decorating the tent with LED light can make the restaurant more stunning and makes a deep impression on customers. And they will be willing to share the pleasant experience in your store on social media and promote your store.

It is no doubt that the dome tent can benefit catering business. Also, it is a good choice to run your store again rather than sit but do nothing. If you do not know what size of the dome is suitable for your restaurant, please feel free to contact us. I believe that our professional team can give you a perfect solution.

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