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How to add “THERAPY” factor to boost glamping business


We know you want some excellent add-on experience for your guest in the glamping site. What will be the most popular activities in such a remote and relaxing place?

The unique views and cozy accommodation are the common factors in glamping sites, travelers are increasingly looking for additional experiences or healing activities now. Therefore, wellness, health, and healing have become the keywords and investment directions of a new round of glamping, especially in the US and Europe. The owners focus on yoga, meditation, massage, or festival wellness to boost their glamping business.

Away from the bricks of the city, embrace every breath of nature.


Yoga Retreat

Yoga is growing in popularity and is the go-to activity for many owners as an extra experience. Many tourists consider yoga to be an excellent event, relaxing and stress-free before heading home.


Stress Reduction Meditation

Meditation to reduce stress and improve mood is more popular than ever. Apart from cozy accommodation, travelers are increasingly opting for this type of vacation which is great for mental health. Most of them are willing to spend a short and mid-week break to reduce stress.

Photo Credit: Four Seasons Golden Triangle

Beauty Therapies and Spa

Both for the owners and the guests, this is offering an attractive way to improve a vacation for holidaymakers. Therefore, your guest will return again and again.


Seasonal Events

You can arrange the seasonal events with numerous themes to attract the guests with different demands. This may include massage therapy, aromatherapy, and sound baths. Whatever activity the guest participates in, will be unforgettable.

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