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Camping has enjoyed a great deal of welcome, with equally significant transformations in the traditional camping model and the luxury camping experience.
In 2021, 36% of campers embark on their first outdoor camping vacation. In 2023, this trend continues to rise, with 50% of campers seeking a glamping experience (data from the 2023 North American Camping Report).

Among the variety of camping accommodations, dome campgrounds stand out as a unique and attractive option. Many campgrounds are transitioning from traditional seasonal campgrounds to all-season campgrounds featuring multi-sided dome tents.

This shift caters to the growing demand for a camping experience while increasing the return on investment for campgrounds.

If you're intrigued by the aesthetics of a multi-sided dome and its commercial potential, but aren't sure how to get started building a dome campground, this article will guide you through the five basic steps to building your own dome home.

STEP 1: Conduct Preliminary Research on Dome Campsites

To begin, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with glamping domes and gather relevant information. A perfect starting point is Shelter Dome , which offers an extensive library of illustrated articles, frequently asked questions, outdoor accommodation solutions, previous cases, and product catalogs.

Additionally, you can explore further possibilities and gain a deeper understanding of geodomes by consulting resources such as "Geodesic Math and How to Use It" .

STEP 2: Choose an Ideal Site for Your Dome(s)

While dome tents are designed to withstand wind, water, sun, and shocks in almost any weather and location, it's essential to select the right site. Consider the scenic surroundings as the glamping dome connects the outdoor environment with the indoor space, offering a refreshing and exploratory perspective to those inside.

Meadows, forests, seasides, farms, and villages make excellent choices, but don't discount the possibility of surprises in deserts, mountains, or bamboo forests. If your chosen location boasts fabulous views or hosts adventure events, it becomes even more enticing.

STEP 3: Obtain a Building Permit for Your Camp

The requirement for a building permit to construct a dome house varies from country to country and region to region. In certain areas, specific inspections and approvals are necessary for every construction-related aspect.

To ensure a smooth process, Shelter Dome recommends listing the inspections, associated costs, required timeframes, procedures, and necessary approval signatures for each inspection.

STEP 4: Plan and Design Your Dome Campsite

Next comes the most crucial step: selecting and purchasing the appropriate-sized glamping dome, planning its use, and designing the interior and exterior. Visit our geodesic dome calculation section to aid your decision-making process. Whether you intend to use the dome as alternative accommodation or a social space, it's vital to ensure the indoor and outdoor designs align with the dome home's intended purpose.

Shelter Dome recommends simultaneously carrying out the planning and designing of the house dome. Draw inspiration from our previous projects to ignite your creativity in planning your geodome campsite.

Regardless of the design option you choose, your comprehensive set of plans should include drawings of the dome structure, plumbing, wiring, and interior framing. Depending on regional regulations, you may be required to have your drawings stamped by a state-registered engineer.

STEP 5: Hire a Contractor or Be Your Own Dome House Builder

The installation of a dome tent structure is simple, requiring significantly fewer resources and labor costs compared to traditional construction methods. However, if you prefer to save time and ensure professional craftsmanship, hiring a trusted contractor is an option.

For large dome construction, Shelter Dome provides on-site guidance and assistance by sending engineers. Embark on your first build with confidence! With standardized guidance, constructing a glamping dome can be as easy and enjoyable as assembling Lego pieces.

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