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Ideas of Shelter Event Dome – Commercial Section


In the previous article, we mentioned how to use the event dome to upgrade the glamping site, this time we will focus on the commercial use of the event dome.

The covid pandemic has forced a change in the event industry, most of the exhibitions and seminars have been held online. Obviously, the effect and attractiveness of the activities have been greatly reduced. How to quickly catch the eyeball when outdoor activities are resumed? The spherical structure is a good option, not only attractive but also can create more benefits.

Shelter Event Dome will be the solution for attracting the eyeball.

Shelter Event Dome

360 Immersive Theater

Nowadays, spherical structures are usually used as the first choice of 360 immersive theater, and the cost is high generally. Therefore, dome tents become a more affordable option due to the same structure. The dome structure not only offers the 4D immersive effect to the audience but also makes the sound effects play the biggest role.

Pop-up Store

If you are selling the new product or launching new technology in a shopping mall. If you are going to boost the sales of the exsited product. You should let more people know that you are selling a wonderful things and offering intimate service. Dome Tent, we are not only offering a attractive selling space, but a relocatable solution for tour show.

Shelter Event Dome
Shelter Event Dome

Bars / Clubs / Café

Obviously, the catering industry is one of the most affected fields by the pandemic. How can your restaurant stand out in various designs? Why not expand the outdoor dining space in the restaurant’s backyard or new location? No matter the age, everyone wants to have some fun or delicious drinks or just listen to the music after one day of work. The guests could enjoy the moment under such a unique outdoors.

Outdoor Wedding / Ceremony / Celebration

For outdoor wedding venue, structure tent is the classic option in the event rental industry. Apart from this, large dome tent becomes the most unique one.

Shelter Event Dome

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