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Ideas of Shelter Event Domes – Glamping Section


Shelter Event Domes: Upgrading Your Glamping Resort Experience

If you are going to start or upgrade the glamping resort, you may wonder how to offer extra experience to the guests. As the owner, you may want to be the hotspot and offer additional options, making your holiday more unforgettable. It will be really simple for the Shelter Event Domes.

In the face of an endless stream of camps, tourists have not only paid attention to the accommodation environment but also the extra options offered by the camps. As an owner, you must develop from the original business model and enrich the configuration of the camp to attract more tourists. You can try to offer various activities or provide additional space, such as plant research explorations, restaurants, cafes, projection, yoga classes, massages, etc.

Shelter Event Domes will be the solution for space expansion.

The same structure as the glamping dome, the event dome also ensures complete resistance to weather conditions. You can keep the dome tent for any season of the year. Moreover, the event dome is available in wide dimensions: 30, 50, 80, 100, and customized sizes. There is the perfect solution to achieve diversity and complete functional space in the glamping resort.

Shelter Event Domes

80sqm event dome as restaurant in Green Hotel, Japan

Restaurant / Cafe

Most visitors expect meals to be served in the camp area, or to find local specialties nearby. If your camp does not yet provide catering services, it is recommended that you open a restaurant, which not only makes tourists feel the local characteristics but also can be a selling point of your resort.

Shelter Event Domes

Common Space

In addition to a cozy accommodation, common space are also the focus of attracting tourists. Creating a multifunctional leisure area is the perfect solution for friends’ gathering, social activties, drinking a cup of tea. The most creative you have, the more guest will be attracted to your resort.

Shelter Event Domes

Movie Projection

You can create a place for the guests to relax with a projector. Movies can project different moods, think about life, and explore the world. When the guests enjoy the movie quietly or excitedly, they get an emotional release.

If you open a glamping site in the valley, you could project the astronomical observation documentary.

Shelter Event Domes

Yoga Retreat

The remote and quiet camp is ideal for relaxing yoga retreats and meditation.Far away from the city and close to their mind.

The next time, we will introduce the commercial ideas of a large event dome.

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