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Igloo Dome Is A Great Choice For Future Dining Spaces



Igloo dome is not just an architectural structure, it represents a revolutionary way of thinking. Igloo dome has been very cleverly designed to ensure guests have an experience that is one with nature. Guests will have a movie-like experience as they immerse themselves in the lush foliage and interlaced structure of the Igloo Dome, creating a chic and engaging atmosphere. The application of this concept is changing the way people think about dining, taking it to the next level, beyond the traditional dining experience.

Force of order

The overall spatial concept of Igloo dome evolved from the transparent igloo in the Arctic. Whether it is the infinite beauty of the pattern, the softness of the ballet, or the beautiful melody of the music, their beauty comes from "order," the beauty of the specific rhythmic balance formed by the sense of order carefully arranged in different time and space. Igloo dome's customers are mainly targeted at young, independent modern people. 

igloo dome

The words of soft power, gentleness and curve are consistent with the core of Igloo dome's beauty. In the design of this space, we strive to pursue such order and balance, so that people can experience the beauty of "rhythm" in such an atmosphere space.

The charm of Igloo Dome​

The Igloo dome is a dome-shaped structure inspired by the traditional igloos of the Arctic region. This fascinating design concept separates dining from traditional architecture, creating an incomparable dining environment.

1/ Customization

The customized dome calculates the ideal spacing and depth based on the surrounding view, as well as the appropriate openings in the dome, resulting in framed views and open views of the landscape. Whether it's the twinkling stars or the snowy winter scenery, look up and see it all. This shapes a very iconic dining venue that meets all the objectives that operators and customers want to achieve. This unique design provides diners with an immersive feeling, as if they are dining in nature.

The garden restaurant, which is wrapped in green, tries to penetrate the natural characteristics of the site into the functional use of catering, and find a balance between the urban lifestyle and the natural environment.

2/ Be flexible

Compared to traditional restaurants, Igloo dome's appeal lies in its uniqueness and versatility. The main space of Igloo dome is spread out around many small but similar modules, thus creating expressive tension. Prefabricated modules increase the efficiency and controllability of the building.

Igloo dome can provide both warmth and comfort during the cold winter months and shade and ventilation during the warm summer months. This means that whether you're hosting a romantic dinner for two or a cheerful family gathering, you can meet different needs without having to build anything. This versatility enables restaurant operators to better meet the needs of their customers and provide a unique dining experience.

The entrance with a strong presence is a symbol in the landscape that forms a visual connection between the building and the landscape and acts as a buffer between the Igloo dome geometry. Huge thresholds greet, gather and guide customers and frame the landscape of a century-old tree and the river beyond.

In the era of 5G network, the unique dining environment of Igloo dome will certainly attract wide attention from netizens and become popular quickly on the Internet, helping to improve the visibility of the restaurant and attract new customer groups.

Customer experience​

1/ Part indoor - part outdoor dining area

Day or night, customers can enjoy the beautiful natural views of the dome's exterior. During the day, the sun shines through the transparent dome and is relaxing. At night, the lights create a romantic atmosphere, adding another romantic atmosphere to the dinner date. Under the cover of the jungle, although each dome is adjacent to each other, guests will feel as if they are alone in the forest.

Igloo Dome has a sufficiently spacious roof system to create an attractive first impression of the building. The transparent roof can block the sun and rain, while ensuring visual beauty, has a special appeal to diners. In this way, the indoor and outdoor can communicate and flow in the line of sight, and have a strong interaction with the whole scene.

Igloo dome uses lightweight, transparent materials to create striking forms that enhance the connection between interior and exterior Spaces. A new outdoor dining area was created, increasing the dining space and shielding the afternoon sun.

igloo dome

With its unique location, Igloo dome allows guests to feel that the hotel is at one with the magnificent nature surrounding it, and stands out for its attractive appearance, comfortable environment and versatility, opening up new possibilities for the restaurant industry.

Part of the curtain system adopts a retractable structural design, which can be opened when needed to reveal a large viewing platform. The view from the window intersects with the dome and snuggles together to create semi-private Spaces.

The Igloo dome is designed with attention to detail, from the table Settings to the lighting effects, and has been carefully curated to create a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere for its customers. 

To add atmosphere to the overall space, the "hollow" area of the top modeling structure can be made of several groups of double acrylic chandeliers, when people walk in the space, you can see that the chandelier has been in dynamic change.

2/ Superior comfort and experience

Above all, Igloo Dome provides its customers with sound insulation and temperature control, ensuring their comfort. Regardless of the external temperature, the dome structure keeps the indoor temperature constant, so that customers can enjoy a pleasant dining environment in any season. At the same time, the soundproof design inside the structure effectively blocks outside noise, allowing customers to focus on food and communication without outside interference.

In short, entering igloo dome, customers will experience a remarkable blend of comfort, atmosphere and visual effects. This unique dining environment offers guests an unparalleled quality time and is the pinnacle of the dining experience. Combined with the local climate of the project, the overall space green plants are matched with local green plants to create a natural, sunny and relaxing atmosphere.

The design combines the two to create a space that is both open and relatively private for diners, while at the same time enjoying a dining experience close to nature.

The future of Igloo Dome

Time flows and time changes. The "rhythm" space of igloo dome constructed by transparent elements forms a "field" of order, flow, force, time, nature and tenderness, where people can meet igloo dome and the delicious taste of life.

Igloo dome cleverly solves the problem of too many pillars in traditional catering buildings and perfectly solves the problem of insufficient natural light on site; Technologically innovatively realize the modernity of "light weight" of private room; Create an atmosphere space that can highlight the identification of modern and new dining. It was like a flexible exercise - nothing could be excavated, and the natural landscape and plants had to be kept in the same place (subject to 21st century building codes, of course).

SHELTER DOME expects the Igloo Dome project to be commercially operational and business successful, and future-proof to adapt to changing functional requirements and change the way of thinking about restaurant operations in the future.

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