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Is Glamping Market Reshaping Leisure Travel?


Glamping Market Soars as a New Favorite in Tourism | Shelter Dome

This year, close to nature glamping activities have become the tourism market "new favourite", especially just past the long holiday, as if the entire social circle press are glamping. Most cities around the glampsite and boutique bed and breakfast prices rose sharply compared to weekdays, appearing "a bed is hard to find" phenomenon. What is the "charm" of the popular glamping?

How Can Cities Leverage Glamping Market to Boost Consumption?

Latest Data about Glamping Market

The latest data about glamping marktet shows that the bookings for glamping-related products (accommodation, trips) during this year's holidays are about three times higher than last year's. 

The number of leisure glamping trips in city parks and near-city glamping trips has been increasing. Leisure glamping in city parks and 1-2 night glamping in suburbs are popular choices for tourists, among which, European glamping tours are the most popular, and post-80s, post-90s and parent-child crowds are the main force of glamping tours, accounting for nearly 90% of the total. The data also shows that on the first day of the Easter holiday, glamping in the platform's access to the heat to reach a historical peak, the search heat ring than last week increased by 90%.

As a traffic bearer, the radiation effect of glamping travel in the glamping market is highlighted, and its traffic directly drives the heat of tourism businesses around the glampsite, which also has a driving effect on the tourism economy of the destination.

glamping domes

Poetry and Faraway Places with Domes and Tents

On the afternoon of 30th April, Jackson, a camping player, brought his wife and children to a "moving camping", and their campsite was chosen in a commercial campsite called "Skyline Nature Camp". The camp covers an area of 260 acres, in the middle of which is a lake reflecting the colour of the sky. The lawn extends along the lake in all directions, and the trees at the edge of the lake form a natural barrier, separating the slowness of the place from the speed of the city.

Jackson likes to travel with children, but the hotel to live more will be aesthetic fatigue, camping can be deeply integrated into nature, "children can collect firewood, participate in labour, adults can sit in the tent to rest, chat." When night falls, the tent rope lights up, like the earth's stars, and Jackson Ruijia's mobile phone is constantly ringing, meet friends arrive one after another, he likes to meet with friends in this way, "can get along with the depth of nature, they have never felt so comfortable and close to nature, and this is a tent with a poem and a faraway place."

Throughout the campsite, in addition to campers like "Jackson" who bring their own equipment, there are naturally many camping experience in the day camp camp area, where tents and other camping equipment are provided, and guests can play until 10pm.

A green space, a tent, three or five friends, tables, chairs, benches, fruits and drinks, or with a cooked meal, or directly charcoal grill boiled, no matter the warmth of the sun, rain or shine, a stay a few hours ...... As one of the earliest camping projects operating in Chengdu, Huga in the small holiday is also very much sought after.

Lee chose to experience camping in Huga during this long holiday to take a nice relaxing break for a few days. "Barbecue, movies, walking the kids, this time we chose to have an equally 'exquisite' holiday for the whole family without going out of Europe."

"It's outdoor living tucked away in the downtown area, where coffee is served, light meals and drinks are also available, and by nightfall, it transforms into a mini open-air cinema." What's more, in Lee's eyes, it's a place where you can share your love with friends under the tent, feel the sights and smells that you don't usually notice, relieve the stress of work and life on a regular basis, and enjoy happy times with your family to the fullest.

The campsite is located in the forest, the matching domes and tents are very conspicuous, and the sense of camping atmosphere is instantly drawn out in the evening under the reflection of lights and campfires. Although it's right in the city, Lee says, it magically has the feel of a secret getaway with fewer people and more beautiful scenery, which makes the 30-degree Celsius temperature "plummet". "Authentic sangria steaks, fresh avocado salad, freshly roasted grassland lamb chops ...... 

The scene of food, wine and beauty in front of us is so soothing, and all the unhappiness will be left behind."

glaming in Japan's wine country, glamping market

Operators Say - Camping Promotes a Lifestyle

"The social value of camping and the sense of natural experience are both very good, and it's very relaxing to be in a tent under the canopy with a vapour light on and people chatting together." In the opinion of Benjamin, the main manager of Skyline Nature Camp, camping has become a new type of entertainment and leisure compared to traditional leisure methods such as shopping. Benjamin believes that the epidemic makes camping quickly "out of the circle", but more critical is to advocate a way of life through camping.

According to Benjamin, the public's acceptance of glamping market is getting higher and higher, compared with the operation of the early days of about 10 tents a day, now a day can be as many as 100, Easter three days before the project all full.

With the popularity of camping, Benjamin also gradually found that, in the face of the booming market, the continuous iteration of consumer demand, business philosophy, operational thinking also need to make corresponding changes and adjustments. "Camping has compatibility, the camp as a carrier, can be superimposed on outdoor sports, thematic activities, such as children's camp education, outdoor music festivals, outdoor coffee, outdoor yoga, etc., and is currently docking co-operation, after the successive presentation, not only that, we are also building their own camping brand, and then replicate and promote the mature experience."

glamping domes, glamping market

glamping market products - glamping domes

The Future of Glamping Market

Leisure travel has become the norm everywhere, and camping picnic has become a new hot spot for people's leisure consumption. The analysis of "2022 Camping Quality Research Report" previously released pointed out that camping can be divided into traditional camping, portable camping and exquisite camping, of which, exquisite camping is more in line with the modern people's leisure and entertainment, ready for camping "belongings", self-drive, the city's central parks, farms around the lawn or the suburbs, and even the Northwest Desert can be the destination. Even the northwestern desert can be the destination.

Exquisite camping was first popular on a small scale, but North American urbanites have been able to quickly embrace the new and emerging, and have evolved from the early days of going outside to the present local take-off. Benjamin said that in 2021 and several outdoor players operating Skyline Nature Camping Project, the campground opened in June of the same year and launched operations in November. " When introducing camping projects, we also consider localisation of glamping market. 

Now there are two forms of camping, one is Glamping (exquisite camping), which is favoured in Japan; the other, bushcraft (jungle memory), or BC camping for short, which is favoured in Europe, with a style that favours outdoor primitive forests, and Skyline Nature Camp's project is divided into two categories, Glamping and BC, but Glamping is the main one."

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