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A Glass Dome for House Redefining Leisure & Luxury Glamping

Le Domaine de l'Anse: Glass Dome Luxury - Redefining Camping

glamping dome

Project Details:

Year of construction:September 2023
Duration of construction:1 month
Sector:Leisure camping (glamping)
Dome size:7x7 meters
Selected accessories:insulation, curtains, solar fan, glazed windows, PVC windows, WPC door, top vent
Location:174 Rue de L'Anse, Petite Île 97429 Réunion

Project Background

The client is an end-user (C-suite) who has already operated a dome tent (DOME TENT) and has accumulated some experience and a loyal customer base.Le Domaine de l'Anse is uniquely situated in a picturesque location next to the sea. Upon first contact, the client expressed his dissatisfaction with the existing dome, which was considered too hot inside, and therefore wanted to change to a glass dome. During the initial communication, the client insisted on a glass dome despite the fact that the other party mentioned that glass might increase the indoor temperature, raising doubts.


During the advancement of the Le Domaine de l'Anse project, a series of challenges arose that needed to be overcome to ensure the successful implementation of the project. The main challenges included:

  • Client dissatisfaction and expectations: the client's previous dissatisfaction with the existing dome tent was a key challenge. They felt that the temperature inside was too hot, which posed a barrier to providing a pleasant stay. The client insisted on changing to a glass dome, even though it might introduce more heat. Understanding the client's needs and finding a solution that met their expectations was a key task.
Dome homes
  • Competitors' low-quality domes: competitors offered low-quality dome tents that lacked transparent sections and additional comfort accessories. This created a negative perception of the overall quality of the dome tents, which was a challenge as the reputation of the dome tents needed to be re-established to attract customers.
Le Domaine de l'Anse
  • Meeting Multiple Needs: The project needed to meet the multiple needs of customers for viewing, privacy and warmth. This required finding a balance in the design and configuration of the domes in order to provide beautiful views while ensuring privacy and warmth for the occupants.
outdoor relaxation space at glamping dome

Results and Characteristics

By addressing the challenges, we achieved remarkable results and introduced several unique features:

Le Domaine de l'Anse
  • Large Glass Windows: In order to enhance viewing, the project introduced large glass windows. These windows not only allow clients to enjoy the surrounding views, but also take into account the need for privacy and shading to ensure that residents spend their time in a comfortable environment.
  • Curtains: In order to meet the needs of different situations, such as privacy and blocking out the sun, the project provides curtains. These curtains can be adjusted to suit the client's preferences and weather conditions, adding to the customized experience.
glamping dome
  • Insulating Cotton: To address the issue of warmth, the project introduces insulating cotton. This ensures that residents enjoy a warm stay during the cold winter months.
  • INTERIOR DESIGN: For added convenience, the interior of the domes has been carefully designed to include bedrooms, bathrooms and lofts. This allows not only families, but also couples to enjoy additional amenities that add to the appeal of the accommodation.
glass dome house
  • WPC Doors and Spacious Domes: The project was also equipped with WPC doors and spacious domes to provide more space so that residents can stay in a comfortable environment, which not only improves the quality of the accommodation but also adds to the sense of luxury.

Ultimately, the client plans to reopen in October, and the dome at Le Domaine de l'Anse has become a popular local attraction, increasing the competitiveness of the local leisure camping market. The successful implementation of the project has provided the client with a high quality leisure camping experience that meets multiple needs.

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