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Luxeglamp: Transforming Poombarai’s Landscape with Luxury Dome

Luxeglamp: Poombarai's Unique Glamping Retreat


Project Details:

Built Year:2019
Built duration:6 months
Dome Size:5 sets D7H3.5
Selected accessories:Insulation, Curtains, Skylights, Doors, Solar Exhaust Fans, Glass Round Windows
Location:Poombarai, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624103, India

Project Background

  • Background

A unique site, Poombarai is a village located in the heart of the Kodaikanal Palani Hills at an elevation of about 6300 feet (about 45 45-minute drive from the city center). Pombarai has beautiful valley views, terraced farms, ancient temples, and quick access to scenic lakes and natural bays. Located just 20 kilometers from the famous hill station of Kodaikanal, Poombarai Village is a little-known gem of Tamil Nadu. Colorful lanes, shy smiles, and a warm welcome await you in the tapestry of life and culture here.

  • Objective

The primary objective of Luxeglamp was to introduce the enchantment of luxury camping to Munnar, India. Set amidst a cardamom plantation with panoramic views of mountains, valleys, and lakes, Luxeglamp offers an authentic experience of terraced farming and the untouched beauty of nature.

  • Implementation

The client took about 8 months to select the site, determine the specific accommodation plan, and purchase and land the whole project, from the whole day site design and planning of the dynamic line to the selection of the appropriate landscape direction, the whole process has been involved in the professional design, engineering team.



luxury dome
  1. The local climate is subtropical, hot, and humid, and the client is worried about the ventilation and coolness of the whole accommodation space.
  2. the camp is located in a special geographical position, the material transportation is limited, and most of them can only rely on artificial, so the choice of accommodation space structure form put forward the requirements of simple construction, convenient transportation, reduced use of mechanical equipment
  3. The client required a relatively special accommodation structure, at least one that was rarely seen in the Indian market at that time and could attract attention.
  4. The client was concerned about the large number of spherical rods and the complexity of the construction, which made it impossible for them to complete a good project locally.
  5. The program implementation of the platform, because of the rugged terrain, the way to have a platform as well as the construction of the landing of the technical expertise to put forward specific requests

Features & Outcomes

1. 10 years through the query of the customer’s local climate, for the customer’s concerns about hot and humid, ventilation and air to give professional advice, in addition to the configuration of the glass round window physical ventilation, according to the overall indoor area of the air conditioning calculation of the appropriate horsepower suggested that the customer configuration.

2. explained the advantages of the specific spherical structure, the overall structure can be disassembled, with small packaging, and short rods, to solve the problem of difficult in transporting materials on site.

3. through market research, most of the Indian market at that time were rectangular or regular-shaped herringbone tents, the spherical shape of its modern appearance to meet the customer’s pursuit of new forms of accommodation in the market as well as the scarcity of features.

4. Provide the customer construction team with detailed professional installation instructions, as well as set up video, and remote video conferencing organization of the two technical teams to do a good job before the project all the technical exchanges and engineering plans, eliminating the customer for the difficulty of setting up the concerns.

luxury dome

5. Considering the protection of the natural ecology of the site, as well as the local materials, we suggest the client to construct a horizontal platform on the slope by building a steel structure, and according to the peripheral vision, we choose the landing point of each sphere, and calculate a reasonable platform height, in order to realize that each sphere has a unique vision of the landscape, and the relative privacy between different spheres is also realized.
Overall the whole camp is located in the high altitude mountain terraces, with a unique sea of clouds, sunset and other natural landscape, while being able to experience the original culture of the village, is India’s first spherical tented camp.

6. Luxeglamp has been chosen as one of the finalists in the prestigious Makemytrip 2023 awards. Being selected in the category of ‘Unique Homestay of the Year’ is a true testament to the unique culture of the village. year’ is a true testament to our commitment to providing exceptional experiences for our guests.

Out of over 6500 properties across India, it is an honor to be recognized and acknowledged by such a renowned platform @makemytrip. This achievement fills us with immense pride and gratitude towards our guests. We with immense pride and gratitude towards our dedicated team who have worked tirelessly to create a memorable and distinctive stay experience.

7. Luxeglamp to have been awarded by the Tamil Nadu government as the ‘Best Camping Site Operator‘!

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