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Luxury Modern Dome House - The Perfect Choice for Dome Tent Camping



Modern Luxury Camping: A Unique Blend of Nature and Comfort

The term Glamping is short for Glamour and Camping, also known as "glamping". The concept of "wild luxury" has taken shape in the upper class of Europe in the 16th century, and its origin can be traced back to outdoor sports such as mountaineering, rock climbing, wild camping, etc., which was first mentioned in the UK in 2005, but in the early days of its development, many people confused the concept of "camping" and "wild luxury". Camping is only the basics, while the concept of wild luxury is more exquisite.

The Rise of Wild Luxury Camping

Under the influence of the three-year-long new crown epidemic, people's travel has been restricted to certain extent, people's interest in outdoor activities has continued to grow, and now the epidemic can be effectively prevented and controlled, so that people have more opportunities to socialize and travel offline. However, due to work or other reasons, people have only 1~2 days left in the working day and can be used freely. So far, wild luxury camping, which meets people's social and short-term travel needs, has entered the public's field of vision as a new way of offline socializing.

Luxury Camping

Why Wild Luxury Camping?

Luxury Camping

According to statistics, most of the needs of modern young people for camping are to relax their minds, relieve stress, get close to nature, have fun with friends, or gain new experiences. Like the ordinary camping we know, because of its lack of characteristics, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive; High-luxury camping, because its unit price is too high, the target group has limitations; The equipment threshold for RV camping is too high, which makes its popularization difficult... 

At this point, wild luxury camping, which combines rough nature with exquisite facilities, has become the best choice to meet people's needs.

For workers, in the absence of special equipment, just need to prepare all the equipment, to play to socialize to be dashing, only need to pay a certain amount of money, the happiness bought with money is much simpler than creating happiness by themselves, only need to bring a change of clothes can be in the mountains, elegant and exquisite experience 1~2 nights, there is no time to hike at all, workers also have the opportunity to contact, naturally have their own unique feelings. 

As you might expect, Wild Luxury Camping also offers different room types and facilities according to the needs of customers. Like lid vents, triangular vents, glass windows, solar fans, panoramic windows, furnace sleeve doors, magnetic screens, double tracks, etc., can be flexibly equipped according to customer needs.

Tailored Experiences

If you've heard the presentation and want to experience light luxury camping, take a look at our company's products and services, our brand is dedicated to creating innovative dome tent structures that provide high-quality outdoor shelter solutions and transformative experiences. 

We offer you a unique camping experience in terms of products, services and experiences. We will carry out personalized design according to your needs, in the selection of materials, we adopt, wireless self-generation to solve your lighting problems, line pipes are pre-set on the ground, convenient for you to quickly install, in addition, our water and electricity facilities and houses are built in line with European and American standards, so that you can enjoy outdoor life with peace of mind.

We will rely on the unique natural environment to create an original living environment, and provide an original ecological living experience with rich supporting services, which is extreme to meet your dual needs of nature and comfort.

I believe that our products will bring you an experience beyond traditional camping, let's feel the collision of nature and luxury, and experience the encounter between adventure and comfort.

Luxury Camping

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