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Why is a Outdoor Igloo Dome Perfect for Winter Retreats?



Winter may be cold, but people are still keen to seek warmth and romance on their winter vacations. They hope to get rid of their busy city life when they are in the winter holidays. Enjoy the snow mountains and starry night that creates a special vibe of vacation. However, to experience this winter vacation more impressively, the first thing that pops into mind is choosing the right accommodation. Then, outdoor igloo domes will be a perfect option for you. In this guide, there will be some different types of domed structures. Also, you can know about their features and benefits, which can help you choose the perfect dome.

As a special kind of vacation accommodation, outdoor igloo domes are usually used for winter vacations and some outdoor activities in cold weather. It is often made of transparent or translucent materials such as polycarbonate or fiberglass.

igloo dome

1. Types of Outdoor Igloo Domes

1.1. Geodesic Domes

A geometric dome is a quite firm structure consisting of multiple triangular panels, usually made of metal or plastic. This type of dome is very solid for withstanding strong winds and heavy snow, which brings security for igloos in cold weather. Their strength and stability make them an ideal choice for people who spend their time in cold climates. The geometric dome can withstand cruel weather and provide a warm and safe place for vacationers. Imagine when it’s cold outside but you don’t feel it at all, and you and your partner lying on a soft bed feel warm and cozy physically and mentally. Spending your vacation in the Geometric Dome will be a pleasant experience since there's no need to worry about the cold and being this close to nature.

1.2. Dome Tents

A dome tent is a structure specifically designed for winter glamping and igloos. They are usually made of high-quality materials, which are well-insulated to ensure warmth and comfort. Sturdy construction, wind-proof, warmth, and waterproofing are features of dome tents, which make them a perfect accommodation for winter vacations. An adventurous vibe to the igloo experience could be brought by Dome tents. You can camp in the forest during the day and get in touch so close with nature, and then sleep peacefully in your soft bed at night. The warmth of the dome tent makes sure that you stay warm in the cold, while the windproof properties protect you from cold, harsh winds.

1.3. Transparent Domes

Transparent domes are normally used for winter festivals as they are so clear for stargazing on cold nights. These dome structures are often made with special materials to maintain warmth and transparency, which gets vacationers to fully enjoy stargazing from their comfortable beds, creating romantic night memories. There are many beautiful places in the world, and traveling a long distance to a distant location to enjoy the view must be really tiring. So everyone desires to maximize their touring experience. No one wants to be in a freezing place to keep shivering while enjoying the view. Our clear domes offer you a brilliant view of all the amazing things in the night sky without having to face the freezing winds outside. The transparent dome creates a romantic vibe and makes your winter vacation experience unforgettable.

1.4. Membrane Domes

Membrane domes are lightweight and flexible structures, usually made of polymer films. Constructing this type of structure is time-consuming, pretty swift, and it can withstand strong wind and cold. The lightweight feature of this type of structural dome allows it to be personalized customization to meet the needs of a wide range of scenarios. It adds a sense of creativity to the aspect of the vacation experience.

After knowing some different types of outdoor igloo domes, let’s figure out the exact ways to choose suitable outdoor igloo domes.

2. Size and Design

Size and design often come to our minds as key considerations when selecting an outdoor igloo dome. You can follow the suggestions below to select a better dome:

First, consider how many people will you spend your time together during your winter vacation. The space of one outdoor igloo dome should be large enough to contain all the people.

Second, If your goal is mainly to enjoy the view around you, you’d better choose it as transparent as possible.

Third, arrange the activities you plan to do during the holidays, e.g. which activity is inside or outside.

Then what you really need can be shown clearly, such as dining tables, beds, or other facilities.

3. Material Quality (MQ)

The quality of the construction materials affects the comfort and durability a lot. Here are some examples for you to check the material:

  • Transparent Materials: If you choose a transparent dome, make sure the material you select has clear light transmission, as well as some materials to keep the dome warm and block the sun's rays.
  • Structural Frame: The structural frame should be firm to withstand terrible weather conditions. The function of High-quality metal or synthetic materials is to make the dome more stable.
  • Ground and Foundation: The ground and foundation of the dome should be able to withstand the bad weather and conditions of the accommodation. Make sure the foundation is solid enough to prevent tilting or instability.
Shelter Dome
Cidra's Forest

4. Customization Options

The feature of outdoor igloo domes is customization for your needs and preferences. You have the option to customize your furnishings to match your favorite style and preferences. This includes furniture set options like bedding, lighting, and more. About the heating and ventilation, it depends on your travel plans and the weather of your destination.

If you want to enjoy the stars. There are so many outdoor igloos that offer spacious places and special stargazing options, like adjustable star projectors or telescopes and so on.


We recommend quite a few types of dome to help you choose for your winter vacation. Just remember what you truly need in the dome. No matter what dome you choose, you will have a wonderful time in the dome. We wish you an amazing igloo vacation!

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