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Modular Geodesic Dome Tents VS Traditional Fabricated Geodesic Dome Tents


Geodesic Dome Tents: Modular vs Traditional Systems


Modular dome tents and traditional assembled dome tents adopt green and environmentally friendly building methods. They are residential systems that are prefabricated in factories and then assembled on site.

Prefabricated unit of geodesic dome tents

① Traditional geodesic dome tents structure system:

Each component needs to be prefabricated in the factory according to the design size, because some components are large and scattered, the production needs to be accurately numbered and supervised by personnel to ensure the orderly arrangement of categories and avoid errors. In the assembly, from the huge number of components to find suitable components will increase a lot of work.

geodesic dome tents structure

Modular geodesic dome tents structure system:

Entire rooms are prefabricated in the factory as individual space module components, and equipment, plumbing, finishing and fixing furniture are installed while the modules are being built. The facade can also be finished at the same time.

The prefabricated components of the modular construction system include beams, columns and steel joints, which are prefabricated in the factory and then assembled into individual modules. Due to the standardization of component size and process flow, assembly line production can be achieved, reducing manual input, improving speed and efficiency.

Transportation process of geodesic dome tents

① Traditional geodesic dome tents structure system:

Prefabricated components of conventional and modular construction systems can be transported to the site by trailer.

However, some components in traditional prefabricated structural systems are often small in size, large in number and scattered in distribution, which can lead to time-consuming loading and unloading processes and may be damaged, which is not conducive to long-distance transportation.

Modular geodesic dome tents structure system:

In contrast, modular architecture has improved this problem.

Modular units are assembled in the factory according to the design specifications, using high-strength bolts or welding to connect firmly, the best integrity and not easy to damage.

During transportation, modules can be stacked to improve space utilization, save loading and unloading time, and facilitate transfer. The modular units can be transported short distances by trailer or long distances by containerized finished product transport.

Assembly method of geodesic dome tents

① Traditional geodesic dome tents structure system:

The components of the traditional assembled geodesic dome tents structural system are of various types, large quantities and scattered distribution, which are the difficulties in assembly, requiring higher professional and technical personnel to cooperate with the process, with a large investment in human and material resources.

Modular geodesic dome tents structure system:

The construction site assembly of modular geodesic dome tents structural system adopts the mode of "building blocks", and high-strength bolts are used to connect the nodes of module units, so that the reliable connection of modules becomes a building whole. Its connection is simple, saving time, fast speed, high construction quality, saving time and labor and economy.

geodesic dome tents


Modular geodesic dome tent is an optimization and upgrading of traditional prefabricated building systems, which is an inevitable trend of the development of prefabricated buildings in the future. The components of the building are prefabricated in the factory, the on-site construction time is shortened, and there is no need for wet work, which reduces the pollution to the environment, and is more in line with the requirements of green buildings, while saving materials and avoiding waste. Therefore, glamping life in the future will inevitably need more modular building structure.

geodesic dome tents


Geodesic dome tents has become a very exciting trend among glamping and eco-resorts worldwide. Their lightweight, yet extremely durable construction makes yurts the perfect structure for an environmentally friendly, inexpensive and unique guest experience.

Whether you're looking for a dome or tent to make a luxury resort a reality, or looking for a domed country resort, we've got you covered. Shelter Dome houses the highest quality geodesic dome tents for countless backyards, luxury resorts, and off-grid experiences. We will be more than happy to help you realize your geodesic dream. Please contact us.

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