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Nestled in Incredible Countryside with Glass Dome Houses


Escape to Glamping Igloo Domes: Your Dream Wilderness Getaway

What would be a good way to reset me for the new year? The thought of lying under the stars, up in the mountains in this crazy snow globe looking dome? Sold.

Run your imagination wild with these stunning-style glamping igloo domes! Make some dying to share a memory! By saying that, I mean the walls offer panoramic views for admiring nature or a sung dome of insulation topped by the twinkle of sunlight.

When it comes to inside, the glamping igloo domes are deceptively spacious and chic. What’s a perfect way to satisfy your craving for the outdoors by escaping into a dream world.

Rest up in glamping igloo domes, get glam in wooden wigwams or enjoy in a hot tub outside one of the en-suit hideouts and bothy. Surrounded by mountains, lochs, and rivers all from the comfort of your own cozy accommodation.

Some include a hot tub outside – perfect for an evening chill after a day’s exploring. It is a perfect choice to accommodate up to four guests with a fully furnished interior.

All of the standard wigwams and woodland cabins are pet-friendly. Experience a big variety of glamping options near waterfalls, hiking, whitewater rafting, ziplining, biking, fishing, and swimming in Forests.

Arrive at a fully set up mountain campsite in our glamping igloo domes, no assembly or equipment required. You’ll be delighted at the ease and the extra time to play outdoors.

glamping igloo domes

Immerse yourself in the great outdoors without forgoing the comforts of home. Experience starry night skies, wild landscapes, healthy cafe-style dining, and a luxurious private tent. Nightly s’ mores by the campfire, complimentary camp activities and adventure bookings made right at camp all serve to provide an unparalleled experience with a sense of profound connection to people and nature.

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