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Escape The Crowd And Travel Tasmania Island with PVC Geodesic Dome


Experience Secluded Luxury: Tasmania Glamping with Shelter Dome

Recently Shelter Dome has built some luxurious and comfortable eco living domes for tourists at the campsites in Tasmania, an island state separated from the mainland in southern Australia.

As one of the islands with the cleanest air, freshest seafood and the most beautiful seashore in the world, the scenery you see is pretty primitive and natural. The rivers in some areas are unexploited, the mountains are covered with clouds and mists, and the wet and cold valleys are amazing.

The weather here is quite mild. While it’s only 2,500 kilometers from Antarctica, it may be a little cold at night.


In the glamping area, Shelter Dome provides glamping domes at five campsites in Tasmania aiming to create a more comfortable living experience.

  • Panoramic window and sky window

Inside the dome tent, because there is a 270 degree panoramic window in front of the bedroom, so you can sit in front of the window and enjoy delicious food while watching the sunrise or sunset. And you can fall asleep with the starry sky through the sky window.

  • Solar exhaust fan

Don’t worry about the lack of indoor air circulation, because the indoor solar exhaust fan can drive away the indoor hot air during the day. And the energy comes from solar energy, so it is energy saving and environmental protection.

  • With full necessary living utilities

Although it’s a dome tent, the interior details are exquisite and make people feel at home. Thanks for the geodesic dome house with full kitchen facilities. It’s a pleasure to spend two hours cooking in the kitchen. It’s a bit cold at night, therefore, you can light the stove inside the dome, warm the whole room with the help of insulated cotton layer, then lie in the soft bed and fall asleep slowly. The dome will remain warm all the night. It seems as simple as falling asleep in nature.

Because the main scenery here is the mountains, so come here, you can take a hike during the day to slowly appreciate the snow-clapped mountains and beautiful coastline. Hiking will never be boring, because you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, at the same time, occasionally encounter a lovely wombat, you can approach it, and it will stay calm all the time and keep eating its grass.
If you come here in January, you can see a large area of lavender in the largest lavender farm in the southern hemisphere, and tulips can also be seen here.

Walking along the coastline, waiting for sunrise and sunset, lying in glamping dome, playing with pademelo, watching the stars fall asleep, is really a comfortable and purifying journey.

In Tasmania, eating, walking and resting are all equally pleasant. Sleep and digested food are as comfortable as air. That’s where glamping’s charm lies, and tha’s Shelter glamping dome aims for.


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