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Key Q&As Before Buying Geodesic Dome for Glamping & Events


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We know you want some excellent add-on experience for your guest in the glamping site. What will be the most popular activities in such a remote and relaxing place?“Let’s Go Glamping!” “Glamping NOT Camping” “Glamping We Will Do”. There are so many phrases to remind the travellers that it’s time to away from the city and into nature. Escape the hidden place and relax the whole mind. Maybe you are going to buy dome tents to start glamping business or expand the luxury accommodation, you need to know the following 6 Q&As before buying them. Let us help you understand all about the geodesic dome.

What are geodesic domes?

Good Shed Dome

Richard Buckminster Fuller, an American engineer, and architect invented the geodesic dome in the late 1940s. The whole shape is made up of a network of triangles structure, coming in a variety of sizes. Glamping Dome is the new line of Geodesic Dome Tent that can be self-assembly in any location. The geodesic dome tent is perfect for all glamping purposes like luxury accommodation, lounges, and reception centers. As unique and elegant. appearance, geodome tent is also an excellent social media shot.

What can we do under geodesic dome?

No matter you are starting glamping business or expanding the extra places in your glamping site, you could find the recommended purpose here.

  • Luxury accommodation – the widest purpose of geodome domes
  • Cafeteria lounge – the additional source of income
  • Yoga and meditation treatment – add-on therapy factor of glamping sites
  • Working space – studio, office pod
  • One-stop reception center – huge dome tent option

Who will buy geodesic dome?

As the trending of outdoor hospitality, more and more travellers is seeking the unqiue outdoor experience, at the same time, they won’t want to leak the comfort of the accommodation. Geodesic Dome Tents are recommended for people who are looking for:

  • require living
  • extra income
  • enrich / expand the accommodation type
  • seek the quick ROI (return on investment) business
  • plan unqiue glamping experience
  • consider starting a hospitality business

So, geodesic dome tent is the prefect solution for the following fields: owners of camping site, vineyards, hotel & resort, beach, Airbnb, real reate, organizers, schools.

What is the geodesic dome made of?

The basic structure of geodesic dome is made of galvenized steel frame and high quality PVC polyester. In addition, the foil insulation create the extra comfort both hot and cold weather conditions. Also, the dome tent could be used for large permanent structure such as sports complex, one-stop reception center, banquet hall, and branding.

What does the basic glamping dome kit consist of?

In Shelter Dome, we provide the turnkey package of geodesic dome which is based on the thousands of glamping dome structures we delivered and customer feedback, summed up the most suitable accessories and structures. There are 3 diameter option for dome accommodation: DM 6m / 20ft, DM 7m /

  • Steel framework
  • Waterproof PVC membrane
  • Insulation layer
    Curtain kit (rail & liner)
  • Solar fan x1
  • Cap vent x1
  • Glass window x1
  • Triangel vent x1
  • Complete set of screws, washers, and cap nuts

Go to our glamping geodome customization page, and fill in the option you want.

How do the geodesic dome tent perform in extreme weather?

Thanks to the spherical structure, glamping geodomes provide a safe and weatherproof shelter in any weather condition. The stable shape can be used all year in any environment, let’s check our featured project in New Zealand From 1 season to 4 season glamping operation. The whole dome tent can withstand high winds, heavy snow, and other extreme condition of the high-quality material. If you are going to run dome glamping site, you may also add additional heating and cooling like an insulation layer, fireplaces, and air conditioner.

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