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Sea Horizon Resort: Luxury Domes Glamping On the Cliffs

Sea Horizon Resort: Cliffside Luxury Camping with Ocean Views

Project Details:

Site name:Sea Horizon Resort
Year of construction:November 29, 2017
Sector:Glamping Dome
Dome Size:7m diameter x 3 units
Duration of construction:2 months
Selected accessories:Dome Frame + Cover + Insulation + Curtains
Location:Kuala Sedili Besar, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia
Sea Horizon Resort

Project Background

Sea Horizon Resort is situated in the tranquil fishing village of Sedili Besar, towering over the magnificent cliffs overlooking the South China Sea. This ideal location is only 1.5 hours drive from Johor Snai Airport, bringing one closer to nature and closer to the heart. Drawing deep inspiration from the local culture and architecture, the resort incorporates the spirit of the seafarer into its construction, creating a "Mediterranean" beachside living experience that exudes an element of serenity and calm, a rarity in today's fast-paced society.


Sea Horizon Resort

01 Located on the Malaysian coastline, the project's three 7-meter accommodation domes are nestled in pristine woodlands near the cliffs, where the designers and construction team worked together to create Malaysia's first exclusive cliff-side luxury project. The conditions in this area posed serious maintenance and construction challenges.

02 The inexperienced team took a pragmatic approach to constructing the platform and complete drainage system to accommodate the original hotel, pool and tent camping facilities.

03 During the 4-5 years of operation, the project not only survived sea and typhoon winds, but also stagnated for 3 years, but still maintains good customer service and reviews, and a high rate of exposure on major booking platforms.

Features and Achievements

01 The concept of Sea Horizon Resort is highly consistent with Shelter Dome, offering two different experiences:

  • Glamping: Guests can bring their own tents and set up in remote locations to experience nature in the simplest way possible.
  • Luxury Camping: Sea Horizon Glamping offers unique and comfortable shelters set up in a natural environment with hotel-style amenities such as air-conditioning, private bathrooms, hot showers, private viewing and dining decks, hammocks, TVs and more. Guests also have the option of enjoying breakfast in their suite.
Sea Horizon Resort

02 Only 2 units are currently available for booking, both of which have private viewing/dining decks with unobstructed ocean views.

03 The Sea Horizon Glamping Suite features an en-suite bathroom and hot shower and offers hotel-style amenities such as a king-size mattress, TV, air conditioning, fan, mini-fridge, private bathroom and hot shower, private viewing and dining deck, kettle, complimentary distilled water, tatami style dining, and a cozy bean bag.

Sea Horizon Resort

04 Program Activity Details

Sea Horizon Resort
  • Beach Bike Adventure

A must try adventure activity when visiting Sea Horizon Resort! Nature lovers will be thrilled to enjoy the excitement of exploring this breathtaking terrain in a pristine tropical setting.

Sea Horizon Resort
  • Bicycle Riding

The best way to explore the historic fishing village is on two wheels. Hop on and roam freely, you'll be amazed at what you may encounter along the way!

Sea Horizon Resort
  • Kayaking

You can spend an afternoon in one of our in-house canoes. Single and double seat canoes are available to optimize your experience.

Sea Horizon Resort
  • Aquatic Ropes Course

Test your skills on our water ropes course! It's both fun and challenging. Note: You may get wet, so no one who doesn't like to get wet!

Sea Horizon Resort
  • Stargazing

These natural locations are free from man-made light pollution, so you can enjoy a brilliant overhead view, and seeing the sparkling light is a truly moving experience.

Sea Horizon Resort
  • Paragliding

From muddy mangrove forests to cloud-covered mountains, you can get close to nature, with hundreds of bird species inhabiting Malaysia's diverse tropical landscapes within walking distance. Bring your own binoculars.

05 Surrounding Attractions

Sea Horizon Resort
  • Disharu Waterpark

Disharu Coastal Adventure Waterpark is one of the largest waterparks in the world. Set against the backdrop of a Malaysian fishing village, guests can immerse themselves in one of the world's largest wave pools and experience the region's first ever water roller coaster. Located within a premium resort complex on the shores of Desaru, Johor, the new waterpark offers a unique combination of wet and dry rides and slides with something for everyone.

Sea Horizon Resort
  • Dinosaur Trail Hike

Step back in time to the Triassic era, even before dinosaurs roamed the earth and became fascinated by the seaside rocks formed by ash and lava from underwater volcanic eruptions in the South China Sea millions of years ago. It's a 2 1/2 kilometer long dinosaur trail and one of the most fascinating landforms still in existence. Each rock has its own unique characteristics - brightly colored and forming the perfect habitat for a variety of marine life.

Sea Horizon Resort
  • The Great Sedili

The northern end of Teluk Mahkota Bay is home to Tanjung Sedili and Sedili Besar villages and a river called Sungai Sedili Besar, while the southern end of the bay is home to Sedili Kechil village and a river called Sungai Sedili Kechil. Travel back in time to the old fishing villages and experience the quiet and relaxed lifestyle, and have a cup of local coffee in one of the last remaining old time wooden coffee shops.

Sea Horizon Resort
  • Temara Beach

Located near the southern tip of Malaysia, Temara Beach is one of the best preserved and unspoiled secluded beaches. Take a morning walk or run along the coastline from the rocky beach of Sea Horizon Resort to Temara Beach. While enjoying the magnificent sunrise over the horizon ......

Sea Horizon Resort
  • Historic Chinese Temple

This Chinese temple was built in 1948, shortly after the end of World War II, on a piece of reserved Malay land by a kind Malay gentleman living in the quiet town of Sedili Besar. This act of kindness is a reflection of the close-knit community of Sedili Besar that embraces multicultural life. Situated on a four-acre hill facing the South China Sea, the temple is said to be the perfect place for devotees of "feng shui".

Sea Horizon Resort
  • World War II Historic Site

The 80-year-old fire pit was built during the Japanese occupation of World War II, according to those still alive to tell the tale. However, the purpose of the burning pit is unclear. For history buffs, the old fishing village of Sedili Besar is a short bike ride away.

Sea Horizon Resort
  • Mosque

Located just a stone's throw from the Sedili Besar Jetty, this magnificent mosque is a sacred place for local Muslims to perform their daily prayers.

Sea Horizon Resort
  • Cotton Tree

Have you ever seen cotton growing on a tree? Yes, it's a rare sight, but you can look for treasures when you explore the interesting town of Sedili Besar!

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