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SHELTER DECK: Everything You Need to Know About Our Modular Deck

a dome in the greenfiled
As you may have noticed, when people consider building geodesic domes on their campsite, they often take into account the decking. On the one hand, these decks serve as good decoration, acting as the display platform to better show the aesthetic beauty of the dome structure, and on the other hand, they are also very functional. The best advice for keeping your glamping investment in top condition for many years is to build a deck for your dome tent. During our communication with our clients, we found that many of them are aware of the importance of the tent platform and their needs are becoming more precise and diverse. After collecting demands and feedback from the glamping market, and with the support of years of experience in the field of glamping tents, we are excited to present our new design – Shelter Deck. Pre-order Shelter Deck Here

Why do you need Shelter Deck?

Shelter Deck is a lightweight modular decking system mainly applied to the infrastructure of campsites and outdoor scenarios. Based on the functionality and design of the traditional outdoor terrace, we have optimized and innovated to present you with the following 6 major features of Shelter Deck: AdaptabilityWith three types of footing to choose from, Shelter Deck can adapt to a variety of terrains such as the concrete floor, grassland, sandy ground, mountain and snowfield. The platform is available in different materials to meet the usage needs of different environments and weather conditions.Flexibility The adjustability of the footing allows the height of the platform to be easily adjusted. Shelter Deck supports adjustment to level in the uneven ground with height differences. Quick Installation The prefab deck kits provide standardized module sizes and interfaces for easy connection and enable the platform to be quickly assembled. Shelter Deck is a DIY-friendly platform solution, saving the time and cost of hiring a contractor. SustainabilityThe reusable decking materials make Shelter Deck a sustainable choice. No concrete hardener is required for the installation and no damage will be done to the original soil conditions. High-qualityThe frame structure of Shelter Deck is made of hot-dip galvanized cold-formed thin-walled steel, which guarantees the lightweight, efficient use of raw materials and reduces processing while ensuring the quality of terrace.Modular DesignThe modular design allows nearly nondestructive and quick installing and dismantling of camp foundations. The modular deck kits are easy to maintain, transport and store.  loading=

What makes Shelter Deck?

Shelter Deck consists of standardized modular elements such as railings, stairs, etc. The combination of these modules provides a safe, solid, economical and environmentally friendly solution to the glamping tent foundation. The basic module of the decking is designed with the size of 1220mm*2440mm to fit most of the standard sizes of panels on the market. Meanwhile, the length and width of the module are proportional so that the floor can be arranged horizontally and vertically in any direction according to the required size.  loading= The material of the platform panel is anticorrosive wood or WPC (wood-plastic composite), both of which can ensure the appearance and at the same time play a very good waterproof and anti-mold effect. There are three kinds of footing to make sure Shelter Deck can adapt to different terrains: pile cap, ground screw or diamond pile footing. We will evaluate the ground of your campsite before recommending the suitable footing option for your dome. The railings and the stairs are the decking accessories, which can be optional according to actual requirements.

How to learn more about Shelter Deck?

Now Shelter Deck is open for pre-orders! If you have previously contacted one of our sales managers, you can reach out to them for further information about our prefab decking kits. Or you can directly contact us for more details. Pre-order Shelter Deck Here

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