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Shelter Dome: Expert in Glamping & Custom Domes Since 2015

Founded in 2015, Shelter Dome is a company with extensive experience in all types of domes, we have a very professional and mature team, everyone in the team is proficient in dome knowledge, and we have a strong supply chain to ensure safety throughout the process. Our company has many types of domes, mainly glamping dome, 4m transparent dome, public space dome, 12m PVDF tarpaulin dome. In the glamping dome, it is divided into 6m glamping dome, 7m glamping dome, 8m glamping dome and customized glamping dome.

Glamping Dome

This is an emerging product that has developed with the development of economy and society and the improvement of people's living standards, and it is a way to combine Glamorous and Camping, which not only allows people to experience the fun of camping, but also ensures the comfort and safety of the whole process.

Glamping dome is generally not particularly large, there are basic daily necessities to ensure people's daily life, you can also add supplies according to the needs of users, not only very comfortable, but also very private.

The Glamping dome is less suitable for multiplayer events, and its area is perfect for individuals or couples. The Glamping dome is made for people who like to enjoy the beauty in comfort and quiet. The entire assembly processing could be finished in 24 hours with a crew of 3~5.

Shelter Dome

4m Transparent Dome

4M Transparent Dome is a special dome, rarely used for living, people mostly choose it to hold music festivals, exhibitions and other activities, or to cultivate plants, it is made of transparent PVC material, in the day can let the sun fully shine in, in the interior is full of lights, at night is a dazzling landscape. In the 4M Transparent Dome, you can enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery and bright starry sky, and get in close contact with nature, you can be integrated with nature and get an unprecedented natural experience.

Public Space Dome

The public space dome is extraordinary, this versatile structure creates a captivating setting for events, from grand celebrations to immersive exhibitions, this dome can accommodate hundreds of people standing or sitting at the same time, it will provide an unparalleled setting for your extraordinary event and bring you a wonderful experience.

Shelter Dome

25m Glass Geodesic Dome

Its frame structure is composed of a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and double-layer laminated glass, which is very beautiful and wonderful, and the structure of the dome is also very strong, sunlight and moonlight can shine through the glass, you can stand in the 25m glass geodesic dome to bathe every inch of light, you can also look at the beauty of nature inside, the glass structure allows you to get close to the beautiful scenery and not hindered.

12m PVDF Tarpaulin Dome

It is a product that came into being under modern technology and demand, mainly serving modern enterprises and becoming a place for outdoor activities and gatherings of enterprises. The 12m PVDE tarpaulin dome is larger than a regular dome and can accommodate multiple people at the same time, with an interior space of 120 square meters and a projection and building area of 126 square meters.

The above are the main products of Shelter Dome, in addition to the above products, we also accept customization, according to the needs of customers to create their favorite dome, if you currently have a demand for dome, please contact us quickly.

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